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2019-20 (FY20) Fellowship & Scholarship Recipients + 2018-19 Award Recipients

First-year graduate students, 2019-20, receiving fellowships include, front row from left, Jared Anderson, Elizabeth Smithwick, Allen Nguyen, Rachel Dunscomb, Beza Tuga, Kumilah Amen, Gretchen Burke, Rachel Rapagnani, Eleni Spanolios, Riley Lewis, Joshua
First-year graduate students, 2019-20, receiving fellowships include, front row from left, Jared Anderson, Elizabeth Smithwick, Allen Nguyen, Rachel Dunscomb, Beza Tuga, Kamilah Amen, Gretchen Burke, Rachel Rapagnani, Eleni Spanolios, Riley Lewis, Joshua Gavin, and Dorian Sneddon; second row from left, Daniel King, Niklas Kraemer, Adrian Gordon, Marian Meyersohn, Erin Placek, Emily Prebihalo, Eduardo Medina, Jenna Humke, and Peter Windsor.

Graduate Fellowships

3M Science & Technology Fellowship
Jenna Humke and Daniel King

Richard D. Amelar and Arthur S. Lodge Fellowship for Outstanding Collaborative Research in Materials 
Rebeca Rodriguez

Newman and Lillian Bortnick Fellowship
Rachel Dunscomb, Cynthia Pyles, and Rachel Rapagnani

Robert C. Brasted Memorial Fellowship
Elaine Kappel

College of Science & Engineering Fellowship
Stephanie Liffland, Eduardo Medina, Elizabeth Smithwick, and Ryan Wilson

Creating Inclusive Cohorts Training Program Fellowship 
Kamilah Amen and Marianne Meyersohn

Robert and Jill DeMaster Fellowship 
Jared Anderson, Gretchen Burke, and Julia Early

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships 
Kajari Bera, Kiall Francis Suazo, Mukunda Mandal, Stephanie Mitchell, Amy Ott, Prachi Sharma, and Shuyi Xie

Lester C. and Joan M. Krogh Endowed Fellowship 
Joshua Gavin and Rebeca Rodriguez

Lester C. and Joan M. Krogh Endowed Fellowship 2 
Joshua Gavin, Adrian Gordon, and Allen Nguyen

Monsanto Franz Innovation Award 
Erin Plasek

National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowships 
Mckenna Hanson, Eliza Herrero, Katherine Jones, Lindsay Robinson, and Celeste Rousseau

Wayland E. Noland Fellowship in Chemistry
En-Chih Liu

Wayland E. Noland Fellowship in Organic Chemistry 
Angela Carlson, Niklas Kraemer, and Dorian Sneddon

Kenneth E. & Marion S. Owens Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry 
Riley Lewis

Phillips 66 Fellowship 
Rachel Swedin

Dr. Venkateswarlu Pothapragada and Family Graduate Fellowship 
Beza Tuga

Jane B. Spence Chemistry Fellowship 
Emily Prebihalo

ThinkSwiss Fellowship 
Celeste Rousseau

John Wertz Fellowship in Chemistry 
Sheng-Yin “Dima” Huang, Eleni Spanolios, and Peter Windsor

Undergraduate Scholarships

ACS-Hach Land Grant Chemistry Teacher Scholarship 
Emma Corcoran and Grace Couchey

Stanley G. Bonnema Scholarship 
Alysha Hasche John A. and Barbara L. Edgar

Chemistry Scholarship 
Shuhei Kiyozumi

Professor John Ellis Scholarship Fund
Geneva Taylor

Graham N. Gleysteen Scholarship Fund in Chemistry  
David Potapenko

Lloyd W. Goerke Scholarship 
Meghan Cahill

Professor Gary R. & Natalie W. Gray Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship  
Lucas Fluegel and Levi Palmer

Dr. Paul F. and Patricia Guehler Chemistry Scholarship  
Natalie Alteri

Sally Herz Memorial Scholarship  
Shoshana Altman and Katherine Taylor

David A. and Merece H. Johnson Scholarship
Angela Cao, Grace Gretz, and Levi Palmer

Betty A. Lewis Scholarship  
Klarisse Andre De St Amant and Ariel Leisso

J. Lewis Maynard Memorial Prize in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Colin Bunner, Jessica Doro, Samson Lopez, and Joe Schultz

Wayland E. Noland Award for Academic Excellence in Chemistry  
Lucas Fluegal 

Wayland E. Noland Scholarship Fund
Hunter Hohlfeld

Wayland E. Noland Second Scholarship Fund
Henry Daniels and David Freytag

Kenneth E. and Marion S. Owens Scholarship
Alysha Hasche

Jane B. Spence Scholarship 
Tora Husar and Sam Libby

Victoria Kolehmainen Veach Scholarship
Ria Muehleis

Summer Research Awards provided by the Heisig Endowment, Graham N. Gleysteen Scholarship Fund in Chemistry, and the Auzins Award 
Meghan Cahill, Hari Gopalakrishnan, Grace Gretz, Elaine Kappel, Caleb Lachinski, Daniel Meyer, Tommy Millunchick, and Emma Murphy


4.0 GPA for 2018-19 
Cecilia Douma, Hannah Holst, Chenyu Liu, and Jiaxin Ning

Graduate Student Research Symposium honors
Paul G. and Gerda Ann Gassman Chemistry Student Travel Award 
Sheng-Yin “Dima” Huang, En-Chih Liu, Monica Ohnsorg, and Rachel Swedin

Honorable Mentions 
Derek Batiste, Angela Carlson, Julia Early, and Rebeca Rodriguez Department Writing Award 
Blake Johnson and Abby McGovern

Department of Chemistry’s 2018 Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence 
Ryan Cammarota, Ph.D.

McGraw-Hill Silberberg Book Award
Kaitlyn Belmont

Overend Award in Physical Chemistry
Kajari Bera and Samuel “Sam” Stoneburner

Outstanding Teaching Assistants 2018-19
Harrison Frisk, Andrey Joaqui, and Emerson Uhlig

Honorable Mentions Outstanding Teaching Assistants 2018-19 
Shelby Auger, Taysir Bader, Margaret Clapham, Yukun Cheng, Maetzin Cruz-Reyes, Cecilia Douma, Celina Harris, Katherine Jones, Tana O’Keefe, Jiaqian Li, Nathan Love, Connor Reilly, Claire Seitzinger, and Aaron Schulzetenberg

Thomas DuBruil Memorial Award 
Kat Graf and Channing Klein

M. Cannon Sneed Memorial Fund
Shuhei Kiyozumi


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