Our Graduate Student Handbook contains information and policies on our doctorate and master's degree programs.

Statement of general purpose and policies

University of Minnesota online resources and policies


  • proficiency exams
  • three member committee
  • faculty research adviser
  • terms of service
  • teaching assistant training
  • teaching assistantships
  • research assistantships
  • summer support
  • registration and tuition
  • tuition and fee statements
  • graduate assistant health care plan
  • employee benefits
  • teaching assistant leave of absence policy
  • keys and Ucard access
  • email accounts
  • outside employment
  • Graduate School forms
  • academic performance

Doctorate program in chemistry

  • course and seminar requirements
  • transfer credit course allowances
  • graduate degree plan form
  • written preliminary examination and committee
  • oral preliminary examination and committee
  • thesis credits
  • selection of doctorate final oral examination committee
  • third-year symposium
  • thesis preparation
  • graduation procedures and forms
  • final oral defense
  • changes in committees
  • rules for written preliminary exam in chemistry
  • rules for oral preliminary exam in chemistry
  • preparation for preliminary oral exam and master degree final defense
  • policy on collaborative research contributions for inclusion in Master's Plan A and doctorate dissertations in chemistry

Chemical Physics Graduate Program

Master's Degree program in chemistry

  • academic performance
  • Plan A final oral examination
  • Plan B course
  • Plan B projects
  • Plan B final examination

Other information

  • limitations for completing degree requirements
  • committees
  • authorship questions
  • grievances
  • teaching assistants leave of absence

Department of Chemistry forms


  • General email

    Nancy Thao
    Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies
    115 Smith Hall
    (612) 624-0313

    • Director of Graduate Studies in Chemistry
    • Professor Aaron Massari
    • massari@umn.edu
    • Director of Graduate Studies In Chemical Physics
    • Professor Renee Frontiera
    • rrf@umn.edu