How do I apply for admission?

Our University's admissions office has information about visiting our campus, receiving information, and applying.

If you are interested in chemistry, you can apply for admission to the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) or the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). The College of Science & Engineering has information about what you will study, what makes us great, who you will hang out with, how to pay for your education, and career opportunities. The College of Liberal Arts has information on its Future Students page.

What are the differences between the colleges' degrees?

College of Science & Engineering College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Science in chemistry Bachelor of Arts in chemistry
Requires more technical courses Requires 2 years of second language

What happens after I am admitted?

Typically, you spend your first three semesters in what’s called the lower division before you apply to a major. The colleges' academic advisers will help you decide on a major, and develop your course plan.

When do I apply to be a chemistry major?

You apply for admission mid-fall semester of your sophomore year. Admission is decided after fall grades are posted.

I am a transfer student, what do I do? 

The College of Science & Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, and the University have information for transfer students.  

I am an international student, what do I do? 

The College of Science & Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, and the University have information for international students. 

Chemistry Majors Handbook


  • General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry courses
    115 Smith Hall
    (612) 624-0026

    Student Services
    Nick Erickson, Student Services Specialist
    115 Smith Hall
    (612) 624-0026

    • Undergraduate Studies
    • 135 Smith Hall
    • Stephanie Stathopoulos, Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • (612) 624-8008