Student Services

General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry courses
115 Smith Hall
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Student Services
Nick Erickson, Student Services Specialist
115 Smith Hall
(612) 624-0026

Whom should I talk to about a chemistry major?

  • Make an appointment with our advising office as soon as possible.
  • Meet with one of our faculty undergraduate advisers to talk about the application process and to develop a plan—one-year plan required prior to fall registration.

What should I do if a course is closed?

Chemistry Majors Handbook

Writing Abilities and Assessment Criteria

Writing is an important component of a chemistry degree. This document describes our department's writing expectations and the ways in which assessed are assessed through the curriculum.


  • Advising Appointments

    • Advising
    • 135 Smith Hall
    • Stephanie Stathopoulos, Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • (612) 624-8008