College of Science and Engineering

Admission to the chemistry major 

female student conducting an experiment resulting in crystals in an organic lab

Completion of lower division requirements

  • minimum technical GPA of 3.2 guarantees admission to the chemistry major
    • students below this technical GPA are admitted on a space available basis
  • deadlines are December 30 and May 25

General requirements

  • All required courses for the major including composition must be taken on A-F grading.
    • All required courses must be completed with at least a C- grade.
  • Completion of a minimum of 120 credits is required for a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry .

Major requirements

  • two courses in general chemistry (1061/1065 and 1062/1066) or Honors (1071H/1075H and 1072H/1076H)
  • two lectures and one lab course in organic chemistry (2301, 2302 or 2304, 2311) or Honors 2331H and 23332H, and lab 2312H in the fall term
  • one lecture and a lab course in analytical chemistry (2101, 2111)
  • two lectures in physical chemistry (4501, 4502)
  • one lecture in inorganic chemistry (4701)
  • three credit Advanced Chemistry Lecture  
    • selected from any non-required upper level course in chemistry
  • three Advanced Chemistry Labs, selected from  
    • Chem 4311 (Advanced Organic Laboratory)
    • Chem 4111 (Intermediate Analytical Chemistry Laboratory)
    • Chem 4511 (Advanced Physical Laboratory)
    • Chem 4711 (Advanced Inorganic Laboratory)
    • Chem 4223 (Polymer Laboratory)
    • Chem 4423 (Foundations of Chemical Biology Lab)
  • for the third lab, CSE students can two credits of Directed Studies Research (Chem 4094), or, by petition, advanced labs of two credits or more at the 3XXX level or higher in science or engineering departments (ChEn 4401, ChEn 4402, BioC 4025, Phys 2605, MatS 3851)

12 credits in math

  • 1271 Calculus I
  • 1272 Calculus II
  • 2263 Multivariable Calculus

8 credits in physics

  • 1301-1302, Introductory Physics and Laboratories (calculus level)

3-4 credits advanced math or physics elective

  • Selected from Math 2243 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) or Phys 2303 (Introductory Physics III) or Phys 2503 (Modern Physics Principles) or Stat 3021 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics)

6 credits advanced technical electives

  • Selected from 3XXX- and higher-level courses of three credits or more in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, chemical engineering, materials science, math, physics, public health, and statistics.

Composition and Writing

  • 1011 University Writing and Critical Reading (4 credits)
  • 4 writing intensive requirements

One-year plan

  • All chemistry majors must have a one-year plan on file in the Advising Office (135 Smith Hall) prior to fall registration.
    • An adviser will help with development of the plan. 
    • This is the only way to receive computer approval and remove the DS hold.

Residency Requirements

  • A student earning a bachelor's degree must complete 30 credits at the U of MN and 15 credits of the last 30 credits.


  • At least 10 credits of advanced chemistry courses of which at least one advanced lab course must be taken at the University of Minnesota.

Chemistry Majors Handbook

Major course planning worksheet

Writing Abilities and Assessment Criteria

Writing is an important component of a Chemistry degree.  This document describes our Department's writing expectations and the ways in which they are assessed through our curriculum.


  • Advising Appointments

    • Advising
    • 135 Smith Hall
    • Stephanie Stathopoulos, Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • (612) 624-8008