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    Chemistry Events

09/17/20 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Erin Carlson
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Minnesota
09/22/20 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Julia Kalow
    Department of Chemistry
    Northwestern University
    Evanston, IL
09/24/20 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Ellen M. Sletten
    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    University of California, Los Angeles
11/12/20 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Tianquan "Tim" Lian
    Department of Chemistry
    Emory University
02/02/21 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Ashleigh Theberge
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Washington
02/09/21 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Timothy Swager
    Department of Chemistry
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
02/10/21 at 4:00 PM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Timothy Swager
    Department of Chemistry
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
02/11/21 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Timothy Swager
    Department of Chemistry
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
03/04/21 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Julie A. Kovacs
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Washington
03/18/21 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Rebekka Klausen
    Department of Chemistry
    Johns Hopkins University
04/01/21 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Professor Heather Allen
    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Ohio State University
04/06/21 at 9:45 AM
331 Smith Hall
  • Name: 
    Teri Odom
    Department of Chemistry
    Northwestern University
    Evanston, IL


Strategies and Tactics Inspired by Complex Natural Products

Recasting Laboratory Pedagogy to Fit Guided-Inquiry Experiments

Teaching Inquiry-Driven Organic Chemistry Labs

Special Seminar

New Organolanthanide Complexes Containing Tetraphenylethylene and Benzylidenefluorene

Mesoscopic Simulations of Membranes: What is Special About Cholesterol?

Studies in Asymmetric Catalysis: From Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Diels-Alder and 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions to Iridium-Catalyzed Allylic Substitution

Leveraging Small Molecules for Biology and Therapy—Discovery of Novel Tetracycline Antibiotics and Inhibitors of Histone Lysine Methyltransferases

Translating the Precision of Microelectronics to the Production of Highly Uniform, Shape-Specific Nanomedicines

Diverse Functions of Metal Tetrapyrroles in Biological Systems: Investigating How the Protein Active Site Tunes the Electronic Structure

Hot Electron Transfer from Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Implications for Quantum-Dot Photovoltaics

Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols: Instrument Development, Aircraft Measurements, and Modeling

New Stimuli-Responsive Macromolecules: Polymer-Protein Bioconjugates and “Sweet Tooth” Micelles

Multiple Regulatory Modes That Control Translesion DNA Synthesis

3:45 p.m. Monday, Feb. 21, 100 Smith Hall, Materials Challenges for a Real Alternative Energy Scenario; 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 22, 331 Smith Hall, Metal-Organic Framework Materials for Energy Applications; 9:45 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 24, 331

The Many Faces of the Coordination Chemistry of Nitric Oxide and its Significance for the Biosynthesis, Sensing and Detoxification of Nitric Oxide in Biological Systems

Ring Forming Strategies in Asymmetric Catalysis

The Suf Fe-S cluster assembly pathway: In vivo and in vitro characterization of a multi-protein factory for metal cofactor biosynthesis

Coordination Complexes with Multiple Inorganic Functional Groups

Actuated spiny surfaces à la echinoderms: En route for adaptive materials

Chemoenzymatic Approaches for Chemical Glycobiology

Kinetic Cooperativity in a Monomeric Enzyme

Teaching Old Polymers New Tricks: Novel Conjugated Materials Based on Benzobisazoles

Computational Quantum Chemistry: Two Extremes

Turning a Single Molecule into an Electric Motor

Lecture #2: Designer Lewis and Brønsted Acid Catalysts

Exploring New Ligand Designs for Asymmetric Catalysis

Chemically Imaging Living Cells by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Late-Stage Fluorination

Amino acids, polymers, and water: a bottom-up approach to understanding protein adsorption at surfaces

Critical Thinking

Oxidation of Peptides and Proteins by Iron Complexes

The Electrospray Kool-Aid Litmus Test: New Capabilities and Research in the Department of Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility

Hydrogen Activation and Proton Transport in the Fluorous Phase: Development of a Water-Free Fuel Cell

Marine Natural Products in extremis: Synthesis, Stereochemistry and Nanomole-Scale Structure Elucidation

A Family of Uranium-Based Nano-Scale Cage Clusters

One-Bead-One-Compound Technique Assisted uFFE-SELEX—an Improvement in Complex Separation

Peptidomimetic Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Materials Properties

Turning Toxins into Tools Through De Novo Chemical Synthesis

Monitoring in vivo Neuropeptide Dynamics by Microfluidic SPE-CE-MS

Intellectual Property Workshop

Research Proposal Presentation: Influence of Dissolved Organic Matter on Microbial Function

Enzyme Studies with Ion-Selective Membranes

Bioanalytical Tools to Investigate Rapamycin and the Aging Brain

Novel Drug Leads from Natural Products and Their Derivation from Microbial and Biosynthetic Diversity

Critical Considerations in Design of Graphene/Silica Nanotheranostics

Gassman Lecture #1: Rapid Synthesis of Polyketides

Gassman Lecture #3: Asymmetric Oxidation

New Twists in Nazarov Cyclization Chemistry

Development of a Practical Synthetic Route to Tetracyclines Leads to Potent New Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

Development of a Highly Convergent, Scalable Synthetic Route to Trioxacarcins, DNA-Targeting Antiproliferative Natural Products

Bringing the Full Power of Chemical Synthesis to Bear on the Discovery of New Antibiotics

Lecture #1: Supramolecular Analytical Chemistry

Lecture #2: Supramolecular Approaches to High-Throughput Screening of Enantiomeric Excess

Chalk Talk #1: Solvation, Molecular Recognition

What's the Point of Nanostructures in Energy Storage Materials?

Alkyne Chemistry: New Strategies and Tactics

Enantioselective Photoredox Organocatalysis: A New Catalysis Concept of Broad Utility to Chemical Synthesis

Analytical Tools for Studying Nanoparticle-Protein Interaction

The Optimal Approach to Renewable Chemicals and Fuels: Combining Chemistry and Synthetic Biology

A Unified Vision of Synthesis Based on Stereospecific Reagent Controlled Homologation

Dynamical Outcomes of Quenching: Reflections on a Conical Intersection

Spectroscopic Studies of Prototype Actinide Compounds (and closely related species)

Frustrated Lewis Pairs: A New Paradigm for Metal-Free Hydrogenation Catalysis and Small Molecule Activation

Beyond Wrinkling: Stress Relaxation in Lung Surfactant Monolayers and Other Thin Films

What can we do with and learn from a single cell?

Unraveling Nanoparticle Properties Using Density Functional Theory

The Unique Reactivity of Mo or W MonoAlkoxidePyrrolide (MAP) Olefin Metathesis Catalysts

Lecture #1: Using Mass Spectrometry to Understand Protein Misfolding Diseases

Lecture #2: Interpreting Mass Spectrometry Bar Codes—The Horse That Pulls The Cart

Lecture #3: Going Big Time—Large Scale in vivo Proteomics to Study Disease

Molecular Shape in Materials Design: Triptycene Based Materials

Progress Toward the Rational Design of Small Molecules Targeting RNA from Genomic Sequence

Comparing the Primary Electron Transfer Process in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers with Organic Photovoltaic Heterojunctions

Lecture #1: The Advent of Mesoscopic Solar Cells

Lecture #2: Optimizing Photon Harvesting and Charge Carrier Collection in Mesoscopic Solar Energy Conversion Systems

Lecture #3: Photo Meets Electrocatalysis: United we Split (. . .Water)

Magnetic Assembly of Responsive Photonic Nanostructures

Fast Folding Proteins Meet the Anton Supercomputer

Enantioselective Hydroformylation: Complex Molecules and Complex Mechanism

Chemical Approaches to the Investigation of Protein-Membrane Binding Interactions Using Synthetic Lipid Probes

Neurochemical Applications of Microchip Electrophoresis

Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Topochemical Polymerizations by Design

The Alkyne Strategy for the Synthesis of Bioactive Targets

Photocatalysis with Visible Light

Taming Methane and Other Alkanes with Metal-Carbon Multiple Bonds

Self-Cleaning Membranes for Implanted Glucose Biosensors

Advanced Cytometry by Lanthanides

Metabolomics and Chemical Imaging for Probing the Cellular Heterogeneity in the Brain

Teaching Inquiry-­Driven Organic Chemistry Labs

Rewards and Challenges of Teaching Guided-Inquiry Labs with Graduate Student Teaching Assistants

Chirality and Control in Catalysis and Materials: Asymmetry in the Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction and Chiral Mesoporous Materials

Probing Ultrafast Dynamics in Photosynthesis and DNA Photoprotection With Nonlinear Spectroscopy

Chemical Approach Towards a Protocell Model

Catalysts Made of Earth-Abundant Elements for Making C-C and H-H bonds

Natural Product Synthesis and Beyond: Getting Energy Metabolism under Small-Molecule Control

Highly Efficient Nanofibrous Membranes for Water Purification

Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Templates for Nanolithography: Enabling Density Doubling and Fine Structure Control

Creating Ordered Structures for Organic Photovoltaic Devices

Chiral Indium Catalysts for Highly Controlled Ring Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters

Polymer Therapeutics: Polymers from Bioactives and for Biodelivery

Synthesis and Application of Peptides and Peptide-Based Copolymers for Targeted Drug Delivery

Chalk Talk #2: Chirality and Stereochemical Principles

Chalk Talk #3: Bonding: Hybridization versus Qualitative MOT

What does Economics have to do with Chemistry?

Molecular Monolayers as Functional Interfaces for Hybrid Nanoscale Systems

Glow Discharge Plasmas in Analytical Spectrochemistry: Not Just for Elemental Depth Profiling Anymore!

Unusual Low Dimensional Magnetism: Molecular Magnets and Spin Frustration

The Strange Structures and Unusual Properties of Actinide Borates  

[Re]activity of Natural Products: Chemistry of Myrmicarin Alkaloids and Neurobiology of Modified Saxitoxins

Profiling Transcription Complexes via Small Molecules and Protein Observed 19F NMR

Catalyst-Economical Syntheses of End-Functionalized Polymers by Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization & Dynamic Peptide-Based Biomaterials for Drug Delivery and Signaling

A Versatile Toolbox for the Interrogation and Imaging of Electrodes

Reversing the Cope Elimination and Transfer Hydrogenation for Intermolecular C-N and C-C Bond Construction

Molecular and Electronic Structure Considerations in Magnetic Relaxation and Multi-Electron Reactivity

Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of the 5-HT2A Receptor

DFT-Based Simulation of Molecular Magnets

Thermochemical and Biomorphous Precursor Routes to Inorganic Phosphides and Oxides

Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of Natural Products

The Melanocortin Obesity Syndrome: The Perspective of a Medicinal Chemist

Resolving the Historical Competition between Sampling and Levels of QM Theory in QM/MM Simulations of Reactions

Targeted and Cloaked Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Bioanalysis, Biomedical Imaging,Therapy and Surgery

Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis: A Powerful Methodology for Streamlining Mechanistic Analysis of Organic Catalytic Reactions

A New Paradigm for Stereocontrol in Organocatalysis

Physical and Chemical Models or the Origin of Biological Homochirality

Protein Separations Using Colloidal Silica: Nanoscale Phenomena

Protein Separations Using Colloidal Silica: Ultrahigh Performance Chromatography

Protein Separations Using Colloidal Silica: Miniaturized Electrophoresis and Isoelectric Focusing

Modeling Organic and Biomolecular Systems in Solution

Drug Discovery Accelerated by Computational Methods

New Challenges for Modeling Chemistry in Solution

Systematics of Non-Covalent Interactions: The Hydrogen Bond B...HX, the Halogen Bond B...XY, and the Silver Bond B...AgX

Correlation of Electronic Structure to Reactivity in Organometallic Catalysis and Polynuclear Small Molecule Activation

Complex Molecule Synthesis as a Fuel for Discovery

The Hexadehydro-Diels-Alder Reaction

Polymerizing Goblins and Brimstone for Energy Applications

Probing Neurochemical Signaling with a Multi-Faceted MS-Based Platform

Complex Alkaloid Total Synthesis

Developing Rapid Tools for In Vivo Neurotransmitter Measurements

Structure and Dynamics of Interfacial Water Studied Using Femtosecond 2-Dimensional Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy

Polymer Nano-Assemblies for Targeted Bioresponsive Cancer Delivery

Polymeric Fluorous Phases: From the Ultimate Limits of Low Polarity to Biocompatibility

Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Organic Electronic Interfaces

Photoredox Catalysis: Enabling Chemical Synthesis with Visible Light

Carbon Dioxide Capture in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Formation of C-C Bonds via Catalytic Hydrogenation and Transfer Hydrogenation

How Do Students Learn to use Representations in Chemistry?

Assembling Small Molecules for Disrupting and Detecting Protein-Protein Interactions

New Inorganic Paths in the Biological Jungle

Molecular Modeling of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Energy and Environmental Applications

Stereoselective C–H Amination with Azides via Co(II)-Based Metalloradical Catalysis

Electroanalytical Applications of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy

A Perspective on Biological Catalysis

Multifunctional Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Controlled by Nanomachines for In Vitro and In Vivo Drug Delivery

Chemical Characterization and Mechanism of Crop Oil Pyrolysis to Produce Fuel and Chemical By-Products

Aromatic Architectures: Design and Synthesis (chalk talk)

Critical Thinking

Development and Application of Approximate Models for Processes in Membrane Proteins and Biomembranes

Stories about the Discoveries of Eight New Superconductors

Earth Abundant Element Solar Cells from Nanocrystal-Inks and Molecular-Inks

A New Kind of Active Site in Heterogeneous Catalysis on Au Nanoparticles

Aging, Obesity, and Fat Tissue Cellular Senescence

Copper Catalysis for Direct Formation of Heteroaromatics and Tetrasubstituted Carbons Bearing Amines

Optical and Electrochemical Sensors for the Analysis and Monitoring of Small Sample Volumes

Designing Structures and Functions for Metal-Organic Capsules

Process Development for an HCV Polymerase Inhibitor

Size Driven Changes in Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale - Effects on Phase Transformations and Redox Equilibria

Rational Design of Molecular Materials: Molecular Springs, Solar Cells & More

Storage and Activation of Methane–ab initio approach

In Pursuit of the Perfect Plastic

Biomaterials for the Prevention of Postsurgical Adhesions

Green Chemistry is for Everyone

Catalyst and Reaction Design Toward Improved α-Olefin Polymerization, Hydroformylation and Other Catalytic Methodologies

Development of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Organic Dyes and the Oxidative Heck Reaction

Molecular Engineering on Mechanically Interlocked Molecules and Conductive Polymers

Targeting Prostate Cancer with DNA-Binding Polyamides through the AR-ERG Signaling Axis

Employing Lanthanides and Actinides in the Construction of Single-Molecule Magnets

Probing and Chemically Manipulating 2D Carbon Based Electronic Materials in Time and Space

Natural Product Synthesis: Design and Discovery of New Avenues to Molecular Complexity

Obtaining Structural Snapshots of Reacting Molecules in Real Time with Ultrafast Vibrational and Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopies

Demonstration of Artificial Photosynthesis with Peeled Silicon Microwire Arrays

Organic Chemistry: Passport to a “Hybrid” Career

Using Structural Alerts to Mitigate Formation of Reactive Metabolites in Drug Discovery

Chemical Characterization and Mechanism of Crop Oil Pyrolysis to Produce Fuel and Chemical By-Products

Lanthanide Chemistry in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Catalysis

Chemical Strategies to Promote Discovery of Antibacterial Agents

Heterocycle Synthesis in Process and Medicinal Chemistry

Can Redox Chemistry of Divalent Lanthanide and Trivalent Uranium Complexes be Catalytic? Some Insights from Theory.

Gas Phase Models for Radical Damage to Biomolecules

Imaging Metal-Induced Oxidative Stress: Inorganic Chemistry to the Rescue

Excitons Dancing in Conjugated Polymers

Cyclohexadienones as a Challenging Platform for Reaction Discovery and Development

Nanoparticle Toxicity and Therapeutics

Synthesis and Crystal Engineering of Small Molecules for Organic Electronics: Catalytic Reactions Based on the Insertion of Transition Metals Adjacent to Carbonyls

Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis: A Simple Device for Microscale Purification and High-Speed Monitoring

Materials Inspired by Marine Organisms

New Approaches to Molecular Building Blocks and Macromolecular Architectures

The Power of Organic Chemistry in Polymer Synthesis

Creativity with a Capital ‘C’: Laying the Framework for Making a Lasting Difference

New Reactions for Tandem Mass Spectrometry I: Proton Transfer and Electron Transfer Ion/Ion Reactions

New Reactions for Tandem Mass Spectrometry II: Selective Covalent and Non-covalent Ion/Ion Reactions

Reaction Discovery With Pincer Complexes

The Ultrafast Infrared Spectroscopy of Aqueous Proton Transfer

Hydrodynamic Focusing for Sensing and Micro/Nano-Fabrication

Atmospheric Reactions of Neonicotinoid Pesticides: Detoxification or Activation?

Particles in Air: What Can Be So Complicated?

Serendipity and the Art and Practice of Science: How Experiments 'Gone Bad' Can Open New Doors

Cooperative Function in Atomically Precise Nanoscale Assemblies

Electrochemistry and Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Flies, Cells, and Vesicles

The Bottom-Up Organic Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes

Oxidative Carbon–Hydrogen Bond Functionalization in Complex Molecule Synthesis

First-Principles Force Fields from Symmetry-Adapted Perturbation Theory

Serotonin: From Chemical Neurotransmission to Behavior

A Radical Strategy for Antibiotic Resistance: Mechanistic Dissection of a Novel Post-Transcriptional Modification of 23S rRNA

Enzymatic and Mitochondrial Bioelectrocatalysis for Energy Conversion Applications

Why Do Weaker Metal-Carbon Bonds Lead to More Stable Complexes? What’s Going On?

Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polymer Aggregates: Building up Bulk Materials from Single Polymer Chains

Electronic Spectra and Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Molecules

Unusual Reactivity of 2-Coordinate Complexes of Ni(I) and Ni(II)

Ultrasensitive Biomolecular Detection Using Nanostructured Metals

Synthesis of Natural Products with Conformational Chirality

Insights into Biological Energy Conversion in Photosystem II from a Combination of Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy

Synthetic Cluster Models of Biological and Heterogeneous Oxygen Evolving Catalysts

Ordering of Polymers—From the Molecular to the Macroscopic Scale

The Brain Proteome: Technologies and Applications

Catalysis: The Enabling Science for Polymer Synthesis

A Few of My Favorite Rings: Catalysis Inspired by Natural Lactones and Lactams

Discovery, Design, and Desperation: Three Excellent Tools for New Reactions

Ion Gels and Hydrogels: Designer Soft Materials from Triblock Polymers

Oxyfunctionalization with Re and Ir Complexes

From Single Molecule RNA Folding to Single Nanoparticle Plasmonics: The Beauty of One at a Time

Process Research and Development of 2-Aryl Substituted Pyrrolidines

DNA-Mediated Signaling

Why Does Cyclobutane-1,2,3,4-Tetraone Have a Triplet Ground State?

Innovation in Industry

Excitons in Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Design Principles for Lasers, Optical Switches, and LEDs

Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Methane: the Phillips 66 COPox Synthesis Gas Process

In Pursuit of the Ideal in Natural Product Synthesis–How and Why

Ultrafast Pump-Probe Studies of Mineral Redox Reactions

Type I and Type II Photooxygenations of Organic Sulfides

An Overview of SABIC Followed by Two Technical Presentations

Selectivity Modeling in Asymmetric Catalysis

A Novel Mechanistic Paradigm for Cross-Coupling

Studies of SpnF-catalyzed [4+2]-cycloaddition in the biosynthesis of spinosyn A

Renewable Plastics: Step One in Breaking Our Oil Addiction

Molecular Design of Novel Polymeric Chiral Catalysts for Asymmetric Reaction

Novel Bioinspired Carbohydrate Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Bioactivity Studies

Synthesis & Biological Characterization of Novel Phosphonocarboxylate RabGGTase Inhibitors

Gas Separation and Catalysis in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Shedding New Light on Photosynthesis

Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies of new Cu- and Ag-Catalyzed Transformations

Exploiting Metal/Ligand Cooperation with Cheap (Si) and Expensive (Rh) Elements

Teaching Sponges New Tricks: Redox Reactivity and Charge Transport in Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks

Versatile Iridium Catalysts for a Broad Range of Asymmetric Transformations

Discovery and Surprises with Natural Products

Chemistry and Biology of Human Derived Natural Products and Their Use in Drug Discovery

Biodegradable Electronics

Materials Chemistry Under Extreme Conditions

An Alkahest for Chalcogenide Semiconductors: Solution Processing of Insoluble Bulk Materials

Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer: from Hydrogen Atom Transfer and Marcus Theory to Electrocatalysis to Nanoparticles

Coupling Proton and Electron Transfers: A Deeper Look and Extensions to Electrocatalysis

A Different View of Redox Reactions at Solid-Solution Interfaces: Thinking Beyond the Electron

Self-Energy Effects of Salt Ions on Phase Behavior and Interfacial Properties

Stereospecific, Nickel-Catalyzed Cross Couplings of Alcohol- and Amine-Derived Electrophiles

Demystifying the Chemical Magic of Non-heme-iron Enzymes in Natural Product Biosynthesis

Goals for Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory

Synthetic Chemistry as a Window into Biology

C–C and C–H Functionalization Based on Common Functional Groups

Time-Dependent Electronic Structure Theory: Excitonic, Charge-Transfer, and Spin Dynamics

Probing Ultrafast Photochemistry with Femtosecond Electronic and Vibrational Spectroscopy

Thermodynamic Consistency and Other Challenges in Coarse-Graining Models

Catalyst Transfer Polycondensation: Challenges and Opportunities

Harnessing Metal-Metal Bonds: Redox Properties and Small-Molecule Reactivity

Nanoparticles in Reactive Liquid Media

Harnessing APOBEC3-Catalyzed Genome Mutation with Small Molecules

New Frontiers in Semiconductor Electrochemistry: Electrochemical Liquid-Liquid-Solid (ec-LLS) Crystal Growth

Biosensors for Early Cancer Detection Based Upon Electrical Interfaces to Virus Particles

Nanoparticle-Cell Interactions: Importance of Protein Structure

Functional Metal-Organic Framework Materials: Design, New Synthesis Methods, and Processing

Ribonuclease: From kcat/KM to the Clinic

Orthogonality Unravels Metabolomic and Residually Complex Chemistry

New Cycloaddition Strategies Based on Strained and Unusual Molecules

Design of Novel Multicomponent Cycloadditions Using Conjugated Furans and Pyrroles

Super-Resolution Imaging of Plasmonic Nanostructures

Cumulenes, Polyynes, and Rotaxanes for the Study of Carbyne

Electronic Structure Theory for Intermolecular Interactions

Insights into Manganese-dependent Enzymes from Biomimetic Peroxo- and Oxomanganese Complexes

Non-Traditional Strategies for Drugging Traditional Targets: Kinases and GTPases

Excited-State Electron Transfer in Fluorescent Proteins: Curse or Blessing?

Structure-based Design of Viral Coat Protein Mimics Facilitated by Chemoselective Ligation Chemistry

Forks in the Road: The Importance of Inherent Carbocation Reactivity in Terpene Biosynthesis

Envelope Glycoproteins of Ebola and Marburg Viruses: Structure, Mechanism, and Inhibition with Synthetic Antibodies

Polymer Brushes: Patternable Structures as Interfaces with Biomolecular Materials

Two-Dimensional Semiconductors for Solar Energy Storage

Catalysis with Transition Metals and Chiral Hydrogen Bond Donors: C–H Activation, Olefin Halogenation, Indoline Synthesis, and In Silico Protease Design

Enantioselective Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation via Nucleophilic and Electrophilic Allylation

Enzymatic Solutions to Synthetic Challenges

Exploiting Orthogonality in Chemical Biology and Materials Science

Synthesis of Schweinfurthin Natural Products and the Promise of C-H Activation

Ligand Design in Transition Metal Catalysis: Advances in C–H Activation and Olefin Metathesis

New Materials and Devices for Chemical Sensing

Density Functional Theory Embedding for Correlated Wavefunctions

Who Holds us Back? Personal Account of Cultural and Societal Obstacles Facing Women Pursuing Careers in Science

Aerobic Oxidation Reactions for Organic Chemical Synthesis

The Evolution of Catalytic Olefin Metathesis: From Ancillary Process to Purveyor of Stereochemical Identity

Multifunctional Organoboron Compounds for Scalable Natural Product Synthesis

Understanding Fluorine-Induced Ion–Dipole Attraction and Harnessing it in the Design of Catalytic Enantioselective Processes

Rewiring Metabolism

Protein structures and folding at interfaces probed by chiral sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy

Tailored Virus-Like Particles for Biomedicine and Catalysis

Click Chemistry Returns Home: Development and Applications to Materials Science

New Ventures: Analytical Methods and Polyvalent Catalysis

Exciton transport in thin films of semiconducting carbon nanotubes using 2D white-light spectroscopy

Evidence-Based Approaches to Curriculum Reform and Assessment

Imaging Transition Metal Signaling in the Brain and Beyond

Two-Dimensional Femtosecond Spectroscopy

Photocatalytic Conversion of Nitrobenzene to Aniline through Sequential Proton-Coupled One-Electron Transfers from a Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dot

How Bacteria Convert Methane to Methanol at the Diiron Center in Methane Monooxygenase

Transitioning Organic Synthesis from Organic Solvents to Water: Following Nature’s Lead

Development of New Stereoselective Reactions for Organic Synthesis

Phosphines and Phosphinocatalysis

Elucidating and Exploiting Dynamic Processes at the Nanoscale in Messy Molecular Materials

Seeding a New Kind of Garden: Synthesis of Symmetrically Stellated Bimetallic Nanocrystals

Capturing Molecular Structural Snapshots of Photoexcited Chromophores with Ultrafast Raman Spectroscopy

Expanding the Imaging Toolbox

Many body methods for condensed matter: current status and future developments

Single-Molecule Imaging and Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence: Understanding Bacterial Function on the Nanoscale

Measuring correlated vibrational and electronic motions in molecules

Amphidynamic Materials: A Promising Structural Platform for the Development of Artificial Molecular Machines

Expanded Porphyrins: A Personal Journey

Molecular Clusters from Supersonic Jets to the Upper Atmosphere

Novel nanoporous materials: In silico design

Thinking outside of the brain in Alzheimer’s disease using proteomics technology

Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Catalysis and Energy Conversion

Fueling the Future: Microbial Engineering for Production of Sustainable Biofuels (free public lecture; registration required)

No Strain, No Gain: Advances in the Synthesis and Use of Cyclobutanes

Iron-Based Catalysts for the Diversification of a Biodegradable Polymer

Investigation of C-C Bond Activation: Mechanistic Understanding Leading to New Methodologies

Secondary Metal-Ligand Interactions: C-H Activation and Metal-Carbon Multiple Bonding in Palladium Carbene Complexes

Exploring the factors that govern biological C-H bond activation

Predictive Structure-based Guidelines for Identifying Optimal Protein PEGylation Sites

Fundamental Insights about Geochemical Surface Science from Density Functional Theory

The materials science of semiconducting polymers: understanding the link between microstructure, materials properties and device performance

Searching for Selective Reactions on Complex Molecular Scaffolds

Overview of Noisy Light Spectroscopy

Chemical Design of Precise Nanocrystals: From Single-Particle Reaction Kinetics to Self-Assembled Mesostructures

New Synthetic Strategies for Small Molecules, Macromolecules and Everything in Between

Synthetic polypeptides: from drug delivery to the cancer glycocalyx

Development of new catalytic methods for the synthesis of natural products

Drug Discovery in Academia: A Successful Case Study

Molecular and Solid-State Architectures for the Isolation of Reactive Species

RiPPing Apart the Rules of Lanthipeptide Biosynthesis

Total Synthesis as a Rich Source of Unexpected Projects

Strategies for Hydrocarbon Manipulation: from alkane functionalization to olefin cycloaddition

New Methods for the Synthesis of Functional Polymeric Materials

Synthetic modification of proteins to create new biomaterials

Dynamic Soft Materials: Gels, Bubbles, and Drops

Delivering protons and electrons to active sites in biomimetic and biological systems

Design and Applications of Metal-Catalyzed Reactions for Sustainable Chemistry

Raising High Density Polyethylene’s Melting Point by 40°C

Implications of block polymer uniformity in confined self-assembly for lithographic applications

Teaching Inquiry-Driven Organic Chemistry Labs

Beyond Survival Mode: Fostering Scientific Thinking in the Organic Lab

Surviving and Thriving in Graduate Studies Series—Stress Management

Chemistry Alumni & Friends Breakfast

Department Seminar: Professor Gary Brudvig

Community of Chemistry Graduate Students planning meeting

Mike Casey Retirement Celebration

Chemistry Catalyst 2016

Department Seminar: Professor Libai Huang

Celebrating University Women Awards & Recognition Program

Department Seminar: Professor Mark Distefano

Department Seminar: Professor Mark Nitz

Department Seminar: Professor Heather A. Clark

Department Seminar: Professor Donald A. Watson

Department Seminar: Professor Neal P. Mankad

Department Seminar: Professor Marisa Kozlowski

Department Seminar: Professor Marcey Waters

Department Seminar: Professor Jennifer Shumaker-Parry

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Nathan Gianneschi

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Gordana Dukovic

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Jiwoong Park

Christine Lundby Retirement Celebration

Moscowitz Memorial Lecture: Professor Emily A. Carter

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Jeffrey N. Johnston

Special Seminar: Professor Jahan Dawlaty

Gassman Lectureship: Professor Tom Muir

Gassman Lectureship #2: Professor Tom Muir

Gassman Lectureship #3: Professor Tom Muir

Special Seminar: Professor Kyle Lancaster

Department Seminar: Professor Joshua Figueroa

Special Seminar: Professor Albert Bowers

Student Seminar Series: Professor Thomas F. Miller III

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Todd Emrick

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Luis M. Campos

POLY/PMSE Seminar: Kathryn L. Beers, Ph.D.

Student Seminar Series: Professor Cathy Middlecamp

SciMentors Planning Meeting

WISE: Dr. Valerie Young

Etter Memorial Lecture: Professor Kristi Anseth

Covestro Lecture in Sustainability: Plastic Debris in the Ocean

Departmental Seminar: Professor Daniel Harki

AbbVie Workshop: Professor Jef De Brabander

AbbVie Workshop: Professor Jef De Brabander

Mass Cytometry Day: Michael Leipold

POLY/PMSE Seminar: Professor Christopher Ellison

Chemical Theory Center: Professor Suljo Linic

Webinar: Chemist's Code for Success

Special Seminar: Professor Alexander Miller

Student Seminar Series: Professor Jonas C. Peters

Student Seminar Series: Professor Amanda Hummon

Student Seminar Series: Professor Stephen A. Miller

Energy & U public show, Saturday, Jan. 7

Special Seminar: Professor Yun Chen

Alexandra Velian, Ph.D.

Marie Heffern, Ph.D.

Kimberly A. See, Ph.D.

Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D.

Laura M.K. Dassama, Ph.D.

Christo S. Sevov, Ph.D.

Maxwell J. Robb, Ph.D.

Carson J. Bruns, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Professor Omar Farha

Take Control of Your Stress

Crawford Memorial Lecture: Professor Stephen Meech

Sigma-Aldrich Lecture: Professor Kami Lee Hull

Diversity Committee Open House

Professor Christopher Ellison

"How Can TAs Help Students with Stress and Mental Health Symptoms?"

Dow Day at the University: Dr. A.N. Sreeram

Special Seminar: Agostino Pietrangelo

Chemistry Alumni & Friends Breakfast

Special Seminar: Professor K. Kristoffer Andersson

Special Seminar: Gregg Beckham, Ph.D.

Retirement Celebration: Bruce Moe

POLY/PMSE Seminar: Professor Karen L. Wooley

Student Seminar Series: Professor Eric Olaf Potma

Department Seminar: Professor William C.K. Pomerantz

Student Seminar Series: Professor Timothy E. Long

Department Seminar: Professor Igor V. Alabugin

Student Seminar Series: Professor Ginger V. Shultz

Gassman Lectureship #1: Professor Stephen L. Buchwald

Gassman Lectureship #3: Professor Stephen L. Buchwald

Crawford Memorial Lectureship: Professor Keith A. Nelson

Etter Memorial Lecture: Professor Naomi J. Halas

Student Seminar Series: Professor Dyann Wirth

Department Seminar: Professor Francesco Paesani

Department Seminar: Professor Jillian L. Dempsey

Sigma-Aldrich Seminar: Professor Sarah E. Reisman

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor Cynthia M. Friend

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor Cynthia M. Friend

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Stuart J. Rowan

Department Seminar: Louis-Charles Campeau, Ph.D.

Student Seminar Series: Professor Robert H. Crabtree

Student Seminar Series: Professor Troy Van Voorhis

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Viresh H. Rawal

Department Seminar: Professor Garth J. Simpson

Department Seminar: Mary Kirchhoff, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Professor Arthi Jayaraman

Department Seminar: Professor Kevin J. Kubarych

Department Seminar: Professor Neil L. Kelleher

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Paul J. Chirik

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Wilfred A. van der Donk

Department Seminar: Professor Matthew Lockett

Moscowitz Memorial Lecture: Professor Martin Moskovits

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Lauren J. Webb

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Christine Thomas

Special Seminar: Professor Michael Nippe

Gassman Lectureship #2: Professor Samuel H. Gellman

Gassman Lectureship #3: Professor Samuel H. Gellman

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor Carlos J. Bustamante

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor Carlos J. Bustamante

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor Carlos J. Bustamante

Student Seminar Series: Professor Heather D. Maynard

Department Seminar: Professor Vicki Hopper Wysocki

Department Seminar: Professor Ryan C. Bailey

POLY/PMSE Student Chapter: Careers in Industry Panel Discussion

Sigma-Aldrich Lecture: Professor Robert Knowles

CBITG Symposium

SciFinder Lunch and Learn

Undergraduate Commencement

Gassman Lectureship #2: Professor Stephen L. Buchwald

Designing Your Future: Part 1

Special Seminar: Professor David Michaelis

Chemistry Alumni & Friends Breakfast

Meditation & Mindfulness

Special Seminar: Professor Jennifer L. Stockdill

Department Seminar: Professor Theresa M. Reineke

Designing Your Future: Part II

Annual Safety Event

Chemistry Catalyst 2017

Special Seminar: Professor Javid Rzayev

Special Seminar: Antoine Buchard, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Professor Daniel J. Weix

Special Seminar: Professor Jillian Buriak

Special Seminar: Professor Valentin O. Rodionov

GSWC: Preliminary Exam Workshop

SciMentors Volunteer Information Meeting

AbbVie Seminar: Professor Huw M.L. Davies

AbbVie Workshop: Professor Huw Davies

Covestro Lecture in Sustainability: Professor Jillian Buriak

MPIG Seminar: Professor Alison R. Fout

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor Cynthia M. Friend

Panel Discussion: The Transition from Graduate School to a Job

Coffee & Conversation: Professor Sarah E. Reisman

Special Seminar: Professor Shelley A. Claridge

Special Seminar: Professor Stephen A. Morin

Oral Preliminary Exam Workshop

Special Seminar: Professor Andrew J. "AJ" Boydston

Chemical Safety Library

Department Seminar: Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Raúl Hernández Sánchez, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Zachary B. Hill, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Kevin G.M. Kou, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Lisa Olshansky, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Nicholas J. Race, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Myles Warwick Smith, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Alison E. Wendlandt, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: David K. Romney, Ph.D.

Strengthening Climate: Preventing Harassment

Strengthening Climate: Professor Julia Showers

Special Seminar: Professor Christopher Uyeda

Micro-aggression Workshop

Special Seminar: Professor Daniel S. Lambrecht

Department Seminar: Professor Ian Tonks

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Liviu Mirica

Crawford Memorial Lecture: Professor Dongping Zhong

Sigma-Aldrich Seminar: Professor John S. Blanchard

Student Seminar Series: Professor Jack Barbera

Gassman Lectureship #1: Professor Emeritus Klaus Müllen

Gassman Lectureship #2: Professor Emeritus Klaus Müllen

Gassman Lectureship #3: Professor Emeritus Klaus Müllen

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Nathaniel Szymczak

Etter Memorial Lecture: Professor Younan Xia

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Mark Lautens

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Christine Luscombe

Sigma-Aldrich Seminar: Professor Noah Z. Burns

Department Seminar: Professor Heather Kulik

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Joseph M. Fox

Gassman Lectureship #1: Professor Melanie Sanford

Gassman Lectureship #2: Professor Melanie Sanford

Gassman Lectureship #3: Professor Melanie Sanford

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor Suzanne Walker

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor Suzanne Walker

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor Suzanne Walker

Student Seminar Series: Professor David M. Chenoweth

Student Seminar Series: Professor John F. Hartwig

Student Seminar Series: Professor Jeremiah A. Johnson

Special Seminar: Professor Justin M. Holub

Moscowitz Memorial Lecture: Professor Veronique Van Speybroeck

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Erik Grumstrup

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor John T. Groves

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor John T. Groves

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor John T. Groves

Department Seminar: Professor Dipankar Koley

Department Seminar: Professor Ilya Zharov

Department Seminar: Professor Carolyn E. Anderson

Department Seminar: Professor Skye Fortier

Department Seminar: Professor Vartkess "Ara" Apkarian

Department Seminar: Alex Martinson, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Aaron Wright, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Nandini Ananth

Student Seminar Series: Professor Christina Woo

Resume/CV Workshop

Department Seminar: Professor Stefan France

Gassman Lectureship #1: Professor Samuel H. Gellman

Chemistry Majors Reception & Graduation

Chemistry Commencement Reception

Diversity Committee Open House

Department Seminar: David Hays, Ph.D.

Special Seminar: Professor Emily B. Pentzer

Student Seminar Series: Professor Matthew S. Sigman

Special Seminar: Professor Pamela Peralta-Yahya

Open Forum Inorganic Safety Discussion

Panel Discussion: The Transition from Graduate School to Academia

Department Seminar: Professor Emily Que

Special Seminar: Professor Alexander Spokoyny

Department Seminar: Professor Renee Frontiera

CBITG Symposium

Special Seminar: Professor Sean T. Roberts

Special Seminar: Professor Wei Xiong

Chemistry Alumni & Friends Breakfast, Aug. 21, 2018

Health & Wellbeing Workshop: Mindful Meditation

Special Seminar: Professor John May

Annual Safety Event

Chemistry Catalyst 2019

Department Seminar: Professor Steven R. Kass

Special Seminar: Professor Nancy E. Levinger

Special Seminar: Professor Linda H. Doerrer

Writing Enhanced Curriculum workshop

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Welcome Event

Special Seminar: Dmitry Koltun, Ph.D.

Department Chili Cook-Off

Lunch Hour: Post-Doctorate Experiences

Special Seminar #2: Professor Nancy E. Levinger

Special Seminar: Professor Casey Wade

Strengthening Climate: Bystander Intervention

Special Seminar: Professor Brett VanVeller

MPIG Seminar: Professor Yisong "Alex" Guo

Department Seminar: Lily Robertson, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Danielle J. Mai, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Courtney Roberts, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: C. Rose Kennedy, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: C. Michael McGuirk, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Guillaume Belanger-Chabot, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Wen-Yang Gao, Ph.D.

Crawford Memorial Lecture: Professor Tianquan "Tim" Lian

POLY/PMSE Seminar: Professor Craig Hawker

Special Seminar: Professor Bradley P. Carrow

Etter Memorial Lecture: Professor Giulia Galli

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor Catherine L. Drennan

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor Catherine L. Drennan

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor Catherine L. Drennan

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor Graham Cooks

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor Graham Cooks

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor Graham Cooks

Memories of Home Potluck

A Major Event

Student Seminar Series: Professor Trisha Andrew

Student Seminar Series: Professor David Sherrill

Covestro Lecture: Karen I. Goldberg

Student Seminar Series: Professor Hannah Sevian

Chemistry Alumni & Friends Breakfast, April 2, 2019

Student Seminar Series: Professor Andrew McNally

Student Seminar Series: Joaquin Rodriguez-Lopez

Department Seminar: Professor Craig A. Merlic

Special Seminar: Professor Samir Z. Zard

Department Seminar: Professor Catherine L. Grimes

Special Seminar: Professor Kallol Ray

Department Seminar: Professor Leslie J. Murray

Department Seminar: Professor Champak Chatterjee

Department Seminar: Professor Douglas A. Mitchell

Department Seminar: Professor Valery Fokin

Department Seminar: Professor Levi Stanley

Student Seminar Series: Professor X. Peter Zhang

Department Seminar: Professor Wei Yang

Department Seminar: Mark D. Allendorf, Ph.D.

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Carlos Baiz

Department Seminar: Professor Rebekka Klausen

Department Seminar: Professor Aaron Leconte

Department Seminar: Professor Heather C. Allen

Department Seminar: Professor Joan M. Redwing

Department Seminar: Professor Adam S. Veige

Department Seminar: Professor Brooks H. Pate

Employment for bachelor-level chemists

Sigma-Aldrich Lecture: Professor Larry E. Overman

CBITG Symposium

Graduate student reception & commencement

Undergraduate awards, reception, and commencements

Department Seminar: Professor Julie A. Kovacs

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Ellen M. Sletten

Special Seminar: Professor Goutam Kumar Lahiri

Strengthening Climate: Stress and Mental Health

Global Seminar in Panama

Department Seminar: Professor Ellen Matson

Department Seminar: Professor David Yaron

Department Seminar: Professor Dorian Canelas

Dow Lecture Series: Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo

Department Seminar: Professor Paul T. Anastas

Department Seminar: Professor Lawrence Que Jr.

Department Seminar: Professor Francesco Evangelista

CTC Summer Research Mini-Symposium

Department Seminar: Professor Ashleigh Theberge

Joint Safety Team: Scavenger Hunt

Special Seminar: Professor Nils Metzler-Nolte

Special Seminar: Professor Dan Fu

Department Seminar: Professor Connie Lu

Special Seminar: Professor Christian Limberg

Open Forum: Professor Graham Cooks

Department Seminar: Professor Karen I. Goldberg

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Fall Gathering

Strengthening Climate: Implicit and Unconscious Bias

Department Seminar: Jessica R. Lamb, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Helen Tran, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Marc-André Légaré, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Adam Jaffe, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Andrew Martinolich, Ph.D.

Department Seminar: Joshua Alan Buss, Ph.D.

MPIG Seminar: Professor Dong Wang

Open Forum: Professor Catherine Drennan

MN ACS: Professor Jason Goodpaster

Department Seminar: Professor Matthew Neurock

Meet the Editors

Special Seminar: Jonathan Sczepanski

CTC Meet-the-Editor: Matteo Cavalleri, Ph.D.

POLY/PMSE Seminar: Professor Julia Kalow

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor Timothy Swager

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor Timothy Swager

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor Timothy Swager

Moscowitz Memorial Lecture: Professor Teri Odom

Kolthoff Lectureship #1: Professor Omar Yaghi

Kolthoff Lectureship #2: Professor Omar Yaghi

Kolthoff Lectureship #3: Professor Omar Yaghi

Department Seminar: Professor Erin Carlson

Crawford Memorial Lecture: Professor Michael Fayer

Gassman Lectureship #1: Professor Justin Du Bois

Gassman Lectureship #2: Professor Justin Du Bois

Gassman Lectureship #3: Professor Justin Du Bois

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