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    Email Listserv Directory

The Department of Chemistry has a number of specific email listserv distribution lists, which can be used to send email message to selected group of people. Syntax is name of group at lists.umn.edu; however, access to the listservs may be restricted and approval of their use required.     

Listserv name Includes . . .
chem-afscme AFSCME-represented civil service staff members
chem-allusers all faculty, staff, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students
chem-chemfac tenured and tenure-track faculty in the Department of chemistry
chem-gradfac all faculty members including those with affiliated graduate faculty appointments in chemistry
chem-nonunion non-unionized civil service staff members
chem-pa professional administrative staff members
chem-postdocs post-doctoral and research associates
chem-staff department staff members
chem-students graduate students
chem-teach faculty and staff members with teaching appointments in chemistry
chem-teamster Teamster-represented civil service staff
chem-techwomen female faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and lab/stockroom staff
chem-retired retired faculty members not in other listservs
chem-prospective prospective graduate students