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  • 08/08/17 - 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

    Annual Safety Event

All researchers, faculty, and staff are invited to the Joint Safety Team's Annual Safety Event to learn more about safety and best practices from different perspectives. The goal of the meeting is to highlight some “what-if” scenarios and demonstrate what can go wrong during normal procedures. What happens when something does not go as planned? There will be a short presentation followed by a few skits of realistic incidents that could occur, or have occurred. This will be scattered with safety tips as well as videos from professors Erin Carlson, Ian Tonks, and Mahesh Mahanthappa telling their stories of incidents and the impact those had on their views about safety. Attendees will walk away with resources and insights into how to assess hazards in your own work.
Snacks will be provided before the start of the meeting and there will be a raffle at the end to give away some freebies provided by industrial sponsors. This event is not mandatory, but everyone is encouraged to attend.

  • Event Details

    Location: 100 Smith Hall
    Host: Joint Safety Team