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  • Professor Craig Merlic
    05/21/19 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Department Seminar: Professor Craig A. Merlic

    Department Seminar

Enhancing Laboratory Safety and the Principles of Safe Research

Every laboratory researcher must continuously address a key question: What makes the laboratory safe and how can safety outcomes be improved?  Laboratory safety is a clear and common goal whether one is a graduate student, postdoctoral scholar, faculty principal investigator or EH&S professional, but the approaches of these constituent groups vary. This presentation will examine actions that improve safety in a laboratory and how they can be encouraged. Safety culture will be addressed in terms of actions by students and faculty that influence safety outcomes such safety engagement as well as accidents. Recent cases of laboratory accidents in universities will be discussed in the context of ten principles of safe research that can serve as a guide for planning safer experiments.  

Professor Merlic

Professor Craig A. Merlic directs a research group in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry focusing on applications of transition metal organometallic chemistry to organic synthesis. He has received several teaching awards and has also created several award-winning online educational projects addressing course content management and spectroscopy for organic chemistry.  

Professor Merlic actively promotes chemical safety at UCLA, the University of California system, and academic institution nationwide. He serves as chair of the Department Safety Committee, chair of the campus-wide Chemical and Physical Safety Committee, and member of the UCLA Safety Oversight Committee. At the University of California system-wide level, he is the executive director of the UC Center for Laboratory Safety that has ongoing projects to improve laboratory safety policies, procedures, and training based on scientific studies ( Through the Center, he also manages the Safety Training Consortium that provides safety training courses to several dozen universities across the nation ( 

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    Location: 331 Smith Hall
    Host: Professor Ian Tonks
    • Professor Craig A. Merlic
    • Craig Merlic
    • College of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • University of California, Los Angeles

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