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  • Professor Garth Simpson
    02/20/18 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Department Seminar: Professor Garth J. Simpson

    Department Seminar

"Quantitative Nonlinear Optical Imaging"

The increasing availability of ultrafast laser sources provides ever broadening access to nontraditional light/matter interactions scaling nonlinearly with incident intensity, applications of which are described for addressing crystal analyses in structural biology and pharmaceutical sciences.  In structural biology, determination of high-resolution structures of proteins serve as the foundation upon which rational drug design is built. Following discovery of new drug candidates, controlling or preventing crystallization is an essential step to ensure bioavailability and efficacy. In both applications, the unique symmetry relationships arising in nonlinear optical interactions provide exquisite selectivity for detection and quantification of chiral crystals. Topics to be covered in the presentation will include opportunities and challenges in designing nonlinear optical instrumentation capable of supporting routine, benchtop measurements in applications spanning structural biology, pharmaceutical sciences, and in vivo analyses. 

Research foci

Professor Simpson's research group is devoted to the theoretical development and experimental application of new instrumental methods taking advantage of unique nonlinear optical interactions. Recent interests include detection and analysis of crystals formed from chiral molecules, building on a long-standing interest in understanding the role of chirality and polarization-dependent effects in nonlinear optics.

Professor Simpson

Professor Simpson earned his bachelor's degree from Western Washington University, and his doctorate from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He was also a post-doctoral fellow in Life Sciences Research Foundation at Stanford University.

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