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  • 09/05/19 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Department Seminar: Professor Lawrence Que Jr.

    Department Seminar

Biomimetic explorations into how nonheme high-valent iron-oxo species in enzymes cleave strong C–H bonds

Professor Que's research group focuses on bio-inorganic chemistry, specifically on the topic of iron, oxygen and (bio)catalysis. Their research effort, involving a combination of biochemical, synthetic inorganic, and spectroscopic approaches, is aimed at elucidating the oxygen activation mechanisms of nonheme iron enzymes, designing functional models for such enzymes, trapping and characterizing reaction intermediates, and developing bio-inspired oxidation catalysts for green chemistry applications. 

Lawrence "Larry" Que Jr. is a Regents Professor and Distinguished University Teaching Professor at the University of MInnesota. He earned his bachelor's degree from Ateneo de Manila University, and his doctorate from the University of Minnesota. He was a post-doctoral scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Minnesota.

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    Location: 331 Smith Hall
    Host: Department of Chemistry
    • Professor Lawrence Que Jr.
    • Larry Que
    • Department of Chemistry
    • University of Minnesota