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  • 09/06/18 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Department Seminar: Professor Steven R. Kass

    Department Seminar

The Power of Hydrogen Bonds: BrØnsted Acids and Hydrogen Bond Catalysts

Enzymes catalyze biochemical transformations by exploiting multiple hydrogen bond interactions and electrophilically activating targeted substrates towards nucleophilic attack. Inspired by nature’s strategy for accelerating chemical reactions and the early pioneering studies on hydrogen bonds by Professor Margaret (Peggy) Etter of this department, led organic chemists to realize that environmentally friendly, metal-free catalysts can be exploited for carrying out chem- and stereoselective transformations. In this presentation, the power of multiple hydrogen bond interactions and the incorporation of charged-centers into BrØnsted acids and hydrogen bond catalysts to afford more active organocatalysts will be highlighted.

Professor Kass

Professor Steven Kass is the L.I. Smith Professor of Chemistry, and a fellow of the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute. He obtained his AB degree from Vassar College, and two master’s degrees and his doctorate from Yale University. He also was a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Colorado. He joined the faculty in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Chemistry in 1986. His group is interested in the development and applications of small molecule environmentally friendly Bronsted acids and bases, novel metal-free hydrogen bond catalysts, and anion molecular recognition (i.e., supramolecular chemistry) to solve environmental, medical and chemical problems.

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    Location: 331 Smith Hall
    Host: Professor Thomas Hoye
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