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  • Joerg Schlatterer, Ph.D.
    06/29/17 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

    Designing Your Future: Part 1

    Special Seminar

Career Planning Workshop and the Use of Individual Development Plan

Students and post-doctoral associates will learn how to identify and set specific, short- and long-term professional development goals in order to achieve their target careers. Through the introduction of Individual Development Plans (IDPs), attendees will critically evaluate strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of strategic growth, and formulate a plan for their own uniquely tailored professional development.

Joerg Schlatterer, Ph.D., manager of the American Chemical Society Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholars Office, will talk about four critical pieces of career development, how they relate to your individual path, finding your career “sweet spot,” and how to use available tools to get started on creating an IDP.

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    Location: 230 Bruininks Hall
    Host: Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
    • Joerg Schlatterer, Ph.D.
    • Joerg Schlatterer
    • American Chemical Society Graduate and Post Doctoral Scholars Office
    • American Chemical Society
    • Washington, DC