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  • Logo for 18th annual graduate student research symposium, Tuesday, June 4, 2019
    06/04/19 - 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

    Graduate Student Research Symposium

The 18th annual 2019 Chemistry Graduate Student Symposium will be conducted, Tuesday, June 4, at the Herbert M Hanson Jr. Hall (Hanson Hall), 1925 4th St S, Minneapolis 55455 (West Bank). Registration is now closed.

The symposium primarily consists of research presentations by third-year graduate students in the chemistry doctorate program, including Derek Batiste, Caitlin Bouchey, Angela Carlson, Sina Chiniforoush, Louis Corcoran, Huarui Cui, Ryan Daley, Stephen Dempsey, Julia Early, Daniel Graham, Jiayi He, Sheng-Yin Huang, Jorden Johnson, Daniel Lee, En-Chih Liu, Andrew Marshall, Monica Ohnsorg, Colin Peterson, Jacob Prat, Cynthia Pyles, George "Ted" Riegel, Rebeca Rodriguez, Brian Spindler, Rachel Swedin, and Yiao Wang.

  • Event Details

    Location: Hanson Hall (Herbert M. Hanson Jr.), 1925 4th St S. (West Bank), Minneapolis, 55455
    Host: Department of Chemistry