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  • 09/05/17 - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    GSWC: Preliminary Exam Workshop

Attention second-year graduate students.

The Graduate Student Workshop Committee puts on a pair of workshops that are designed to help graduate students prepare for their upcoming preliminary exams (written and oral), including resources and advice on how to write a high quality research dossier and construct an engaging oral presentation.

This workshop will include a brief discussion on what is expected in and guidelines for dossiers. Then the students will break down into groups (analytical, organic, physical, polymers, etc.), and participants will be able to discuss the Written Preliminary Exam (WPE) with a number of third and fourth year graduate students (and go over some more specific guidelines, too). This will be an opportunity to seek out other students who had the same committee members and potentially hear a few tips on how to construct  dossiers to fit individual committees.

For those who have teaching responsibilities and cannot make this workshop, the GSWC will send a document containing all of the older graduate students' email addresses, so they can be contacted for information. 

Please RSVP to by Friday, Sept. 1. Pizza and soda will be available.

  • Event Details

    Location: 231 Smith Hall
    Host: Graduate Students Workshop Committee