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  • Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D.
    12/06/16 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D.

    Department Seminar

“Towards a holistic understanding of intact, complex biological systems”

Intact organs comprise multiple types of cells that constantly communicate with each other and with neighboring environments to keep the function of the organ. To understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the function or dysfunction of complex, interacting cellular systems, cellular state and function must be studied at single cell resolution and furthermore, this information must be analyzed along with the detailed structural, molecular and environmental characteristics of fully assembled organs. Here, I present new technologies that I have developed to monitor cellular behavior and their extracellular environments in wildtype animals, and to characterize the detailed molecular profiles of individual cells in a high throughput manner. The first part of the seminar will focus on the development of new quantum dot probes and an in vivo cytometric imaging platform. Using this technology, we imaged single endogenous hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) in wildtype mice, analyzed their locations, and directly measured oxygenation within native HSPC niches, for the first time. The second part of the presentation will describe the development of high throughput single cell/virus sequencing platforms incorporating drop-based microfluidic technologies. Using this technique, we identified the whole genome sequence of a single viral species from a heterogeneous mixture, and performed whole genome sequencing on 100-1000 virions at single virus resolution. In vivo imaging studies provide the phenotypic information of cells, their extracellular environments, and the global perspective, while single cell sequencing data provide the molecular foundation of cellular function at single cell resolution. Integrating these sets of information will lead to a more holistic understanding of intact, complex biological systems. 

Hee-Sun Han

Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D., is a post-doctoral fellow in physics/applied physics working with Professor David Weitz and the Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group at Harvard University. Previously, she was a post-doctoral fellow in chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working with Professor Moungi Bawenda. She earned her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Seoul National University and her doctorate in physical chemistry from MIT.

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    Location: 331 Smith Hall
    Host: Professor Christy Haynes
    • Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D.
    • Hee-Sun Han
    • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
    • Harvard University
    • Cambridge

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