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  • Assistant Professor Luis Campos
    03/05/20 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Meet the Editor: Professor Luis M. Campos

    Student Seminar Series

Our group is interested in exploiting nanostructured materials for the development of advanced functional systems. We take advantage of macromolecular structures that can be finely tuned through molecular design and robust synthetic strategies. The interdisciplinary nature of our work allows the group to build strengths in synthesis, device fabrication, and fundamental design and characterization of the materials from form to function.

With the immense potential to drive the technological economy in renewable energy resources and medicine, polymers have witnessed a surge of worldwide efforts to improve device architectures in plastic electronics as well as in vivo imaging and drug delivery systems. In all cases, it is widely accepted that materials displaying exceptional degrees of hierarchical ordering and involving robust synthetic strategies to produce pristine materials without impurities are highly desired. When combining the multiple levels involved in device fabrication and drug delivery vectors—from materials synthesis to the assembly of a functional system—the optimization of all variables is a laborious challenge. To tackle many of the issues associated with the development of thin-film transistors, plastic solar cells, and nanomedicine, our group is interested in the development of strategies for the fabrication of functional, highly ordered materials employing bottom-up and top-down manufacturing techniques.

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    Location: 331 Smith Hall
    Host: Student Seminar Committee and Graduate Student Workshop Committee
    • Professor Luis M. Campos (Chemical Science associate editor)
    • Luis Campos
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Columbia University
    • New York