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  • Portrait of Professor Graham Cooks
    10/08/19 - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    Open Forum: Professor Graham Cooks

Forum on Industry/Academia Collaborations

The Chemistry Department at Purdue has led Purdue in patent activity and start-ups with several larger companies (Pete Kissinger’s Bioanalytical Systems and Phil Low’s Endocyte) and a host of smaller ones. The Purdue Research Park was one of the earliest in the US, and the university is amongst US leaders in patent filings. I have never had financial interests in any company (makes things simpler!) but my research group has produced 1116 publications and >50 US patents. Key discoveries early on included mixture analysis by MS/MS 1975, MRM and ion soft landing—(unfortunately!) none patented. Patents do include some key aspects of miniature mass spectrometers, ion traps, surface induced dissociation, desorption electrospray ionization, on-line monitoring by MS and reaction acceleration in droplets.  

As an analytical chemist interested in instrumentation, industrial interactions have always been important to me. I have been involved in various academic industry partnerships: (i) Indiana Instrumentation Institute (1999, IU, Lilly, Purdue, we built instrumentation and started three companies very little money, one (Griffin Analytical, now part of Flir, Inc.) still going strong. (ii) InProteo (Indiana Proteomics Institute) initially focused on Proteomics but it grew several companies including Prosolia, Inc., (iii) the Alfred Mann Institute at Purdue, which took the slow/high cost development mode to maximize success and from which paper spray emerged, (iv) CAID an instrumentation development Center on campus that provides hands-on training with instrumentation and most recently, (v) ICASE Indiana Center for Analytical Science and Engineering, funded jointly by IU, Notre Dame and Purdue, and engaged in joint research in the title areas with government and industrial support. Other activities involve partnerships with particular companies, e.g., for many years for Thermo but now Waters and Agilent. Also a strong Purdue/Merck partnership in analytical science. 

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