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  • Christopher Ellison
    10/07/16 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

    POLY/PMSE Seminar: Professor Christopher Ellison

    Special Seminar

“Manipulating Polymers with Light Activated Chemistries for Patterning Thin Films”

Research in Christopher Ellison’s group focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization, and processing of nanostructured polymeric systems. The direction of his research is motivated by a combination of fundamental and practical implications. Several central research themes include manipulating polymers with light for micropatterning or modulating physical properties (e.g., by photopolymerizations or reversible light activated reactions), exploiting and understanding structure or molecular dynamics arising from confining polymers to the nanoscale, engineering bioinspired/bioderived materials or materials processes and sub-20 nm lithography using self-assembled thin film polymer templates. An important aspect of Ellison's laboratory is the use of well-established synthetic chemistries (anionic and controlled free-radical polymerization, basic monomer synthesis, etc.) to control all aspects of molecular architecture. This critical framework is required for establishing quantitative relationships in complex multi-scale materials. Ellison's researchers also work closely with other research groups focused on theory and simulation to both guide and advance our understanding of the experiments when appropriate.

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    Location: 151D Amundson Hall, 421 Washington Ave. SE
    Host: POLY/PMSE Student Chapter
    • Professor Christopher Ellison
    • Christopher Ellison
    • Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
    • University of Minnesota