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  • Gregg Beckham, Ph.D.
    03/27/17 - 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

    Special Seminar: Gregg Beckham, Ph.D.

    Special Seminar

"Hybrid biological and catalytic processes to produce chemicals and materials from biomass"

Biomass conversion to fuels, chemicals, and materials has the potential to offset significant petroleum usage and enable a more sustainable approach to manufacture everyday products. To that end, our group focuses on developing integrated processes from both sugars and lignin to both direct and functional replacement products through the combination of biological and chemo-catalytic processes. This talk will review two recent developments from our group. The first part of the talk will focus on the production of PAN-based carbon fibers from sugar-derived building blocks through new catalytic transformations to acrylonitrile that exhibit significant process advantages over standard propylene ammoxidation. The second part of the talk will focus on the conversion of lignin to new monomers including for the production of new polymers and composites based on the molecular diversity of aromatic catabolic pathways in some soil microbes.

Research interests

Gregg Beckham is a group leader and senior engineering at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. His research interests include:

  • (bio)catalyst design for lignin deconstruction and utilization;
  • cellulase enzyme structure-function relationships;
  • biopolymer material properties;
  • nucleation of model and natural systems; and 
  • MIT David H. Koch School of Chemical Engineering Practice at National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Event Details

    Location: Kate & Michael Bárány Conference Room (117/119 Smith Hall)
    Host: Professor Marc Hillmyer and the Center for Sustainable Polymers
    • Gregg T. Beckham, Ph.D.
    • Gregg Beckham
    • Group leader and senior engineer
    • National Renewable Energy Laboratory