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  • Professor Goutam Kumar Lahiri
    06/11/19 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Special Seminar: Professor Goutam Kumar Lahiri

    Special Seminar

Oxidative Functionalization of Metallated β-Diketiminate Analogue

Metal complexes of β-diketiminate analogues have gained profound recent attention by virtue of its multifarious reactivity strategy, functionalization of small molecules, catalytic activity amongst many others.1 In this regard, our recent approach (experimental and theoretical) revealed C-H and C-C bond functionalizations of analogous β-diketiminate as a function of varying metal platform and substrate backbone.2 This includes:

  • Aerobic oxygenation and acylation at central methine carbon of β-diketiminate and β-ketoiminate on selective electron rich {Ru(acac)2} (acac=acetylacetonate) platform.
  • Impact of ancillary ligands (σ-donating acetylacetonate to moderately π-accepting bipyridine to strongly π-accepting phenylazopyridine) as well as ligand backbone on the oxygenation process.
  • Influence of redox non-innocence of β-diketiminate on the rate of oxygenation.
  • Redox-active metal (Ru) versus redox-inactive metal (Zn). 


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Professor Lahiri's research interests comprise the analysis of new kind of molecules with mixed valency of metal and organic constituents, specifically based on oligonuclear metal complexes with non-innocent: i.e., potentially electron-transferring ligands, including biologically relevant coenzyme models such as quinones, nitrosyl function as well as dye-related nitrogen containing systems. The achievements in ascertaining delicate electronic structures of redox-active molecular frameworks and developing industry-connected transition metal derived catalysts (heterogeneous and homogeneous) for a wide variety of important organic transformations, complement the work.

Professor Lahiri

Professor Lahiri is the Institute Chair Professor for the Department of Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He earned his doctorate at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India, and was a post-doctoral researcher at Vest Virginia University. Some of Professor Lahiri's honors include the J.C. Bose National Fellowship by Department of Science & Technology (DST)-New Delhi, Ramanna Fellowship by DST-New Delhi, Professor S.C. Bhattacharya Award for Excellence in Research by IIT Bombay, Silver Medal by CRSI-India, Mercator Chair Professorship by DFG-Germany and B.M. Birla Awards in Chemistry. Professor Lahiri is the Fellow of Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Sciences, Indian Academy of Sciences-Bangalore, and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences.

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    • Professor Goutam Kumar Lahiri
    • Goutam Kumar Lahiri
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