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  • Professor Megan Matthews
    11/07/19 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Student Seminar Series: Megan L. Matthews

    Student Seminar Series

Research in Professor Matthews' group unites enzymology and chemical biology to develop novel chemical proteomics technologies for the discovery of enzyme cofactors and regulatory post-translational modifications that cannot readily be predicted by gene or protein sequence. She earned her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Miami University, and her doctorate in chemistry from Pennsylvania State University. She was a post-doctoral fellow and associate in the Department of Molecular Medicine at The Scripps Research Institute.

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    Location: 331 Smith Hall
    Host: Kiall Francis Suazo, Shelby Auger
    • Professor Megan L. Matthews
    • Megan Matthews
    • Department of Chemistry
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Philadelphia