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  • Professor Eric Potma portrait
    09/14/17 - 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

    Student Seminar Series: Professor Eric Olaf Potma

    Student Seminar Series

"Coherent nonlinear optical spectroscopy in the single molecule limit"

Coherent optical spectroscopy is sensitive to the phase evolution of optical excitations in molecules. In conventional nonlinear optical (NLO) experiments, information about phase fluctuations is obtained only after ensemble averaging, obscuring many details of the time-dependent excitation dynamics on individual molecules. Such information, useful for unraveling the nature of intra and inter-molecular phase correlations, remains fundamentally hidden from view in ensemble measurements. Nonlinear optical spectroscopy experiments on single molecule systems are experimentally challenging because of low photon counts and sensitivity issues of traditional NLO techniques. In this presentation, we discuss two strategies that overcome some of the existing challenges, and open the door to time-resolved nonlinear optical experiments on individual molecules.

Professor Potma

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Eric Potma got his master’s at the University of Groningen in 1996. He stayed five more years for his graduate research, which he completed in 2001. While working in the ultrafast spectroscopy group of Professor Douwe Wiersma, Potma focused his research on the development of laser sources for microscopy and the application of nonlinear methods to optical imaging. 

In 2001, Potma joined the group of Professor Sunney Xie at Harvard University as a post-doctoral fellow. During this time, he was involved with projects on synchronizing mode-locked lasers, visualizing lipid bilayers with CARS microscopy and vibrational imaging of tissue in vivo at video rate. 

In 2005, Potma joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of California in Irvine, where he currently is a professor of chemistry. 

Research interests

Professor Potma's research interests include molecular mobility in biological materals, vibrational coherences, and ultrafast microscopy. His research group advances and applies novel imaging techniques for unveiling the molecular secrets of microscopic biological systems.

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    Location: 331 Smith Hall
    Host: Kajari Bera & Christian Graefe
    • Professor Eric Olaf Potma
    • Eric Potma
    • Department of Chemistry, School of Physical Sciences
    • University of California, Irvine