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  • 08/30/17

    2017 incoming graduate students receive fellowships

The 2017 incoming graduate students have a number of fellowship recipients.

Department Fellowship recipients are Peymon Baghernejad, Daniel Blechschmidt, Sarah Briggs, Claire Dingwell, Thorn Dramstad, Ethan Gormong, Brendan Graziano, Michael Hodny, Ryan Hunt, Mengyuan Jin, Emma Koenig, Bach Nguyen, Noelle Olson, Steven Prinslow, Lindsay Robinson, Celeste Rousseau, Claire Seitzinger, Madeline Stevens, Blair Troudt, Christopher Warkentin, Jacob White and Randall Wilharm.

Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship recipients are Michael “Joey” Lynch and Thais Scott.

3M Fellowship recipients are Rebecca Combs and Jack Elder.

Center for Sustainable Polymers Fellowship recipient is Stephanie Liffland.

Group photo of 2017 incoming graduate student fellowship recipients
The 2017 Fellowship recipients are front row, from left Noelle Olson, Claire Seitzinger, Celeste Rousseau, Sarah Briggs, Thais Scott, Mengyuan Jin, Rebecca Combs, Joey Lynch, Lindsay Robinson, and Brendan Graziano. Second row, for left, Michael Hodny, Ryan Hunt, Stephanie Liffland, Jacob White, Bach Nguyen, Ethan Gormong, Christopher Warkentin, and Madeline Stevens. Third row, from left, Emma Koenig, Peymon Baghernejad, Steven Prinslow, Randall Wilharm, Blair Troudt, Daniel Blechschmidt, and Jack Elder. Not pictured: Thorn Dramstad.