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  • Amani Lee works on fluorine MRI in the laboratory of Professor William Pomerantz.

    Amani Lee wins top poster award

Amana Lee was recognized as the best graduate student presenter at the annual meeting for the University of Minnesota's Institute for Engineering in Medicine. Lee won in the "Frontier and Emerging Areas" with his poster presentation on "Diagnostic Nanoplatforms: Engineering Multifunctional Fluorinated Nanosensors for 19F MRI Diagnostic Applications.”

Lee is researching the creation a fluorine-based nanosensor platform that can simultaneously detect the oxygen, temperature, and pH environment in localized tissue space in the body with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The ability to non-invasively identify the microenvironment of deep tissue space has a potential to help improve personalized treatment plans for cancer, improve the development of biomedical devices, and enhance biochemical research.

Lee is advised by Professor Christy Haynes and Professor Will Pomerantz.