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  • stack of gloves collected for Covid-19

    Chemistry stockroom collects much-needed supplies

Victor Munsch, senior stores and delivery supervisor, coordinated a donation from the Chemistry Research Stockroom to the University of Minnesota's effort to collect personal protection equipment (PPE) and other supplies to support medical providers and COVID-19 researchers on campus. Three pallets were picked up for a total of 120 cases of gloves and several other items. 

supply of gloves and other supplies for Covid-19
Victor Munsch coordinated a collection of gloves and other supplies to help health providers and researchers at the University of Minnesota: 120 cases of gloves were collected.
Supplies in demand include the following:
  • Personal Protective Equipment such as hair covers, gowns (disposable or cloth to be laundered), masks (surgical, clinical), N95 respirators, face shields, powered air-purifying respirators, gloves, and shoe booties
  • Thermometers such as tympanic (preferred), oral cap covers, and infrared
  • Infection Control such as Oxivir, cleaning wipes with bleach (such as Clorox wipes), and hand sanitizers
  • Sample Collection Supplies such as dacron swabs, rayon swabs, and nylon swabs

If your lab has supplies to donate, arrange for a pickup following the guidelines outlined by Vice President for Research Christopher Cramer and the Vice President for Clinical Affairs Jakub Tolar.

  • Email Mike Mauer at
  • Include “COVID-19 Supplies” in your subject line.
  • In your message, please list the type and number of materials you have available from the list above.
  • Include the central building location for pick-up by University Health and Safety personnel (campus, building, room).
  • Include the name, email, and cell phone number of the primary contact person for this effort in order to arrange for pick-up.
  • Include questions about these instructions in your email, and Mauer will get back to you.