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  • Theresa Reineke

    Copolymer excipients may triple oral bioavailability of drugs

Professor Therese Reineke who manages the Dow University Partnership for Innovation and her colleague at Dow, Jodi Mecca, Ph.D., senior research scientist in Core R&D-Formulation Sciences, are highlighted in an article published in the Medicine Maker magazine. In the article, they showcase how the collaboration between Dow and the University of Minnesota has yielded a new method for the production of excipients that triples the oral bioavailability of drugs.

An excipient is formulated along with the active ingredient in medication to bind the contents of the pill or tablet and aid in drug delivery. However, new drugs have increasingly shifted to less soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients, called APIs, which have created a demand for new excipients.

Reineke and Dow are synthesizing copolymers and using those to study the relationships and performances between drugs and excipients. You can read more of the article in the attached PDF.

The DOW UPI program was renewed in January 2017 for an additional five years, paving the way for a 10-year formalized partnership with Dow. In addition to Reineke, the University of Minnesota team consists of professors Frank Bates, Marc Hillmyer, Timothy Lodge and a team of graduate students, including Lindsay Johnson, Ziang Li, Anatolii Purchel, and Monica Ohnsorg, who will continue their work on innovations to oral drug delivery.