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  • 07/12/17

    Evan Anderson wins award to present research on nanopore junctions

Evan Anderson, a fourth-year graduate student working with Professor Philippe Buhlmann, will present his research on nanopore junctions at the 2017 Midwest Universities Analytical Chemistry Conference, Oct. 19–21, at Ohio University in Athens. He won a travel award to attend and present his research at this conference.

Anderson has been developing and testing two new types of reference electrodes made with nanoporous polymeric materials or ionic liquid filled nanopores. Both types of reference electrodes have greatly improved reference potentials and stabilities in solutions of varying ionic strengths and composition. These newly designed reference electrodes allow for better performance as opposed to commercially available porous glass frit reference electrodes and will provide confidence to electrochemical researchers measuring in solutions of low ionic strength or unknown composition.

This research is part of a collaborative project with Professor Buhlmann, and professors Marc Hillmyer and Timothy Lodge's research groups, including Sujay Chopade and Stacey Saba, graduate students in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.