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  • Graduate Student Evgenii Fetisov

    Evgenii Fetisov wins Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award

Evgenii Fetosov won the Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award for Graduate Students presented by the Americal Chemical Society (ACS) Computers in Chemistry Division at the ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C. He was honored for his research on first principles Monte Carlo simulations of reactive phase and sorption equilibria. His research has expanded the computational chemist’s tool box toward predictive modeling of reactive systems under extreme conditions and/or nanoporous confinement. Beyond advanced Monte Carlo algorithms, this research utilizes petascale computing facilities. Evgenii’s research is funded through National Science Foundation and Department of Energy awards. He has completed two internships at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Computational Chemistry and Materials Science Summer Institute at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Evgenii is advised by Professor Ilja Siepmann.