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  • 03/03/20

    Hannah Lembke receives NIH Biotechnology Training Grant

Hannah Lembke has received a National Institutes of Health Biotechnology Training Grant. 

The Biotechnology Training Program at the University of Minnesota provides students with cross-disciplinary skiils, knowledge and prospectives that are needed to solve challenging questions questions and problems in biotechnology. The two-year program offers opportunities for collaborative research, industrial internships, and specialized retreats, workshops and seminars. The training faculty are from various disciplines including chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics, microbiology, horticultural science, plant biology, computer science and engineering, biomedical engineering, soil, water and science, genetics, and chemical engineering.

Hannah's mentor is Professor Timothy Griffin from Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics in the College of Biological Sciences. Through her work with Professor Erin Carlson, Hannah is interested in chemical biology. She will be working on bacterial histidine kinases, and how to develop probes to profile kinases and do proteomic studies with them utilizing probes.