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  • Christy Haynes

    Haynes receives Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award

Professor Christy Haynes has been selected as a 2015 Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award. This award is sponsored by the Office for Faulty and Academic Affairs and the Women’s Center, and it recognizes women faculty at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities who have achieved significant national and international accomplishments and honors and who contribute as leaders on campus. In addition to supporting outstanding women scholars, this award also reflects the university’s strong commitment to future leaders.

Haynes is an internationally recognized leader within the scientific community, and is one of the nation’s most talented analytical chemists. Her training combines laser spectroscopy and nanomaterials characterization with electrochemistry and immunology. She has built a unique research program that addresses questions at the interface of immunology, toxicology, materials science, and chemistry.

She is known for her passion and commitment to building a diverse scientific community, which includes being an outstanding mentor to the next generation of scientists. Eleven doctoral students have graduated from her group. More than 35 undergraduates have performed research in her laboratory and published research with Professor Haynes. She research group currently includes 12 graduate students, three post-doctoral fellows, seven undergraduates, and a sabbatical faculty member.

Haynes is also one of the lead presenters for the department’s Energy and U program, which brings more than 10,000 3rd grade through 6th grade students to campus each year, many of those students come from schools with high percentages of students living in poverty and from underrepresented groups in the sciences.

Her leadership has included serving for three years on Women’s Faculty Cabinet, including two years as its co-chair. During her tenure, she helped organize a women faculty leadership retreat and worked hard to make progress on a parental teaching leave policy. To build community she also initiated a monthly College of Science & Engineering women faculty lunch and an annual CSE women welcome reception. Haynes also conducts workshops with various research centers on topics of gender-biased confidence issues and implicit bias. This past year, she led the department’s faculty recruitment efforts as well and, shortly, she will become the department's vice chair.

Haynes has received many awards for her research, teaching, and mentoring, including the College of Science & Engineering’s Taylor Award for Distinguished Research and the University of Minnesota’s Outstanding Post-Doctoral Mentor award.