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  • Junwei "Lucas" Bao

    Lucas Bao receives Graduate Award in Theoretical Chemistry

Junwei "Lucas" Bao has been named as one of two recipients of the 2018 Graduate Award in Theoretical Chemistry given by the American Chemical Society (ACS) Physical Chemistry Division. 

Lucas received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Nanjing Normal University, and he joined Professor Donald Truhlar's group in fall 2013. He is honored for his work in several areas, especially chemical kinetics, including chiral-molecule kinetics, plasma chemistry, quantum mechanical multi-dimensional tunneling along multiple paths, and the theory of pressure-dependent reactions. He is also honored for predicting bond dissociation energies of transition metal compounds by multiconfiguration pair-density functional theory and second-order perturbation theory based on correlated participating orbitals and separated pairs. 

Lucas will receive a monetary award and an allocation of computer time on Blue Waters Supercomputer; he will present an award lecture at the spring National ACS Meeting in New Orleans.