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  • Christy Haynes

    Professor Christy Haynes featured on The Analytical Scientist's Power List

Professor Christy Haynes has been selected as one of the top 50 women in analytical science, and is featured in The Analytical Scientist’s 2016 Power List. This is The Analytical Scientist magazine’s first-ever all-women Power List, which features 50 talented scientists who brilliantly represent the scope and impact of the analytical sciences. Scientists from all over the world appear on the Power List, representing academia, industry, and analytical instrument manufacturers.

“As always, we don’t proclaim that our Power List is definitive – influence is subjective. But given its future-facing focus, we do hope it’s predictive,” said Rich Whitworth, editor of The Analytical Scientist.

Over the past three years, The Analytical Scientist has generated three Power Lists – two Top 100s (2013 and 2015) and a Top 40 Under 40 (2014). In the case of the Top 100 lists, women are not nearly as well represented as men. 

“Our Power Lists are intended to be a celebration of the whole analytical field – and our Top 50 women list is no different in that respect; however, we do think it’s important for The Analytical Scientist to step up and highlight positive role models for young female scientists,” said Whitworth. “We also want to give the analytical community the opportunity to reflect on diversity and equality in general. Before we asked for nominations for the Top 50 Women Power List, a well-respected (male) scientist asked me, in all seriousness: ‘Can you even find 50 women?’ Well, the answer is now out there for all to very clearly see,” he said.
The full Power List 2016 is online or available for download as TAS_Issue_2016. pdf. You can read Professor Hayne’s profile on page 34. She is the Department of Chemistry's Elmore H. Northey Professor and vice chair.