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  • 07/22/19

    Professor Gagliardi elected to International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science

Professor Laura Gagliardi has been elected as a member to the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (IAQMS).

The IAQMS is an international scientific society, covering applications of quantum theory, including chemistry and chemical physics. IAQMS members are chosen because of their distinguished scientific work, and their leadership in the application of quantum mechanics to the study of molecules and macromolecules. Gagliardi's colleagues in the Department of Chemistry Chemical Theory Center, Professor Jiali Gao (2016) and Professor Donald Truhlar (2006) are also members of the IAQMS.

IAQMS provides a forum for international contacts among the scientists, and collaboration and periodic evaluation of the main developments, advances, and promising directions of research in the field of quantum mechanics. Every three years, it conducts and international congress in quantum chemistry, with the next one scheduled for 2021.

Professor Gagliardi is one of the most accomplished theoretical and computational chemists in the world, and one of the few women represented at the very top of this area of science. She is internationally known for her contributions to the development of electronic structure methods and their use for understanding complex chemical system. Her work involves the prediction and modeling of chemical phenomena by means of advanced chemical computation.

Gagliardi also develops new electronic-structure methods leading to paradigm-shifting improvements in the understanding of complex inorganic systems and their properties, which are important for applications ranging from energy sustainability to nuclear waste management. Her work on chemical bonds has changed the way chemists think about how metal atoms interact by showing that one could go beyond a quadruple bond. 

In addition, she leads the collaborative and multi-disciplinary Inorganometallic Catalyst Design Center, which is an Energy Frontier Research Center, funded by the Department of Energy and based at the University of Minnesota. This center focuses on the computationally guided discovery of a new class of energy-science-relevant catalytic materials and the underlying structure–function relationships that will guide further catalyst discovery.

Professor Gagliardi has been honored with a number of awards, including being awarded a McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair, and being named a Distinguished McKnight University Professor. She is also recipient of the 2019 Award in Theoretical Chemistry from the Physical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society, Humboldt Foundation Research Award, and Bourke Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Gagliardi is a member of Academia Europaea and World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists, and Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry. She is associate editor of the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.