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  • 11/30/18

    Professor Topczewski receives journal award and research grant

Professor Joseph Topczewski will be named a 2019 Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee, and has also received a one-year grant to continue a collaborative research initiative with Professor William Pomerantz.

The Thieme Chemistry Journals Award is presented every year to up-and-coming researchers worldwide who are in the early stages of their independent academic career. The awardees are selected by the editorial board members of Synthesis, Synlett, and Synfacts who look for promising work in chemical synthesis and catalysis or closely related areas of organic chemistry. Topczewski is honored for his work on allylic azides.

Topczewski's grant application, "Attaining Selectivity for the Inhibition of Bromodomains," was funded by the American Cancer Societies Institutional Research Grant program. The grant enables Topczewski to continuing focusing on research optimizing the synthesis, potency, and selectivity of a compound discovered in Professor Pomerantz' lab. Angela Carlson from Topczewski's laboratory and Huariu Cui from Pomerantz' laboratory are working on this project. More information about this research is available at the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry