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    Professors Haynes & Wissinger new IonE Affiliates

Professors Christy Haynes and Jane Wissinger have been named Institute on the Environment (IonE) Affiliates. Haynes has been inducted as one of IonE’s new Fellows, and Wissinger is an IonE Educator. 

Christy Haynes
Professor Christy Haynes

Fellows have demonstrated excellence and innovation in one or more disciplines related to environmental protection or sustainability. The Fellow honors Haynes for her distinguished intellectual contributors representing a range of disciplines and fields of professional expertise.

Professors Laura Gagliardi (2016), Marc Hillmyer (2011), and Lee Penn (2012) are also IonE Fellows.

As an IonE Educator, during her 14-month fellowship from December 2017 to January 2019, Wissinger will pursue her project, "Connecting Green Chemistry to the Pillars of Sustainability in the Classroom and Beyond."

Professor Jane Wissinger

Wissinger's overarching goal is to demonstrate how green chemistry's approach of "benign by design" is an integral component of sustainability. Specific projects may include identifying how chemistry can engage in campus sustainability initiatives; developing a course connecting green and sustainable chemistry with other disciplines such as toxicology, public publicy, and social and environmental justice; and exploring how green chemistry principles can be applied to safety or the purchasing of affordable greener solvents in the Chemistry Department.

The University’s Institute on the Environment, celebrating its 10th anniversary, works toward a future in which people and the environment prosper together. It supports innovative breakthrough research across disciplines related to climate adaptation, energy, and food and land-use freshwater; offers specialized training in a number of leadership areas such as communication, media relations, and entrepreneurship; and fosters partnerships among leaders in business, investment, government, academia, and non-profits.