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  • 08/02/19

    Professors lauded for top highly cited articles

Professor Christopher Cramer, Professor Laura Gagliardi, and Professor Donald Truhlar are in the top 5 percent of highly cited authors in the Royal Society of Chemistry general chemistry portfolio of journals. The articles noted for this accomplishment include the following:

  • “MN15: A Kohn-Sham Global-Hybrid Exchange-Correlation Density Functional with Broad Accuracy for Multi-Reference and Single-Reference Systems and Noncovalent Interactions,” H.S. Yu, X. He, S. L. Li, and D.G. Truhlar, Chemical Science 7, 5032-5051 (2016).   
  • “Variational Transition State Theory: Theoretical Framework and Recent Developments,” J.L. Bao and D.G. Truhlar, Chemical Society Reviews 46, 7548-7596 (2017). This article is part of the themed collection: Chemical Reaction Dynamics. 10.1039/C7CS00602K   
  • “Generalized-Active-Space Pair-Density Functional Theory: An Efficient Method to Study Large, Strongly Correlated, Conjugated Systems,” S. Ghosh, C.J. Cramer, D.G. Truhlar, L. Gagliardi, Chemical Science 8, 2741-2750 (2017).