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    Students awarded 2020 Excellence Fellowships

Six of the department's 4th-year graduate students have received 2020-2021 Excellence Fellowships, which were established through philanthropic contributions to support graduate students. This year's recipients include:

Wayland E. Noland Fellowship in Organic Chemistry
Brendan Graziano
Adviser: Professor Connie Lu

Lester C. and Joan M. Krogh Endowed Fellowship
Nathan Love
Adviser: Professor Kenneth Leopold

Wayland E. Noland Fellowships in Chemistry
Noelle Olson
Adviser: Professor William Pomerantz

John Wertz Fellowship in Chemistry
Claire Seitzinger
Adviser: Professor Timothy Lodge

Robert and Jill DeMaster Fellowship
Yangzesheng "Andrew" Sun
Adviser: Professor Ilja Siepmann

Newman and Lillian Bortnick Fellowship
Xiaoxiao Yao
Adviser: Professor Christy Haynes