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  • 09/14/16

    Two Lando/NSF summer research program participants to present research at national symposium

Two participants in the Department of Chemistry’s Lando/National Science Foundation (NSF) summer research program—Sarah Dotzler and Emily Swanson—have been selected to attend the Council of Undergraduate Research Research Experiences for Undergraduates symposium in Washington, D.C., Oct. 23-24. They will present posters focused on the research that they conducted this past summer in the laboratories of Professor Philippe Buhlmann and Professor Connie Lu.

Sarah Dotzler

Sarah Dotzler is a senior at Concordia College in Moorhead and from Foley, MN. Her project was titled, “Bimetallic Interactions of Lutetium and Dysprosium Paired with Group 10 Metals.” Her graduate student mentor was Bianca Ramirez. Sarah made some beautiful bimetallic complexes that showcased the unusual pairing of a transition metal with a lanthanide element. The bonding between transition metals and lanthanides is not well understood, because there are not many structural examples. Her work culminated in a crystal structure of a nickel (Ni)-Lutetium (Lu) bimetallic that has the shortest bond between any transition metal and a lanthanide element.

Emily Swanson

Emily Swanson is a senior at Elon University in North Carolina, and comes from Mahtomedi, MN. Her summer project in the Buhlmann group was entitled, "Self-Assembly of Monolayers on Graphene with Pyrene and Cyclodextrin Derivatives." She was mentored by graduate student Xue Zhen. The project that Emily worked on is part of a program that develops chemical sensor arrays for early disease detection. The goal for Emily’s contribution to this project was the chemical functionalization of graphene with several chemically distinct self-assembled monolayers. To meet this goal, Emily applied a range of techniques, spanning from organic synthesis of half a dozen different molecules to the self-assembly of these molecules on graphene, the characterization of these monolayers using contact angle measurements, and data fitting using the math software Mathematica

The Lando/NSF summer research program is for outstanding national and international undergraduate students. It is designed to encourage students in the chemical sciences to learn more about research in chemistry, and provide them with the opportunity to work in a lab under the direction of a faculty member.