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  • 2017 graduates get ready to celebrate their graduation, Friday, May 12

    Undergraduate Recognition Reception honors top students and graduates

The Department of Chemistry honored its top students with scholarships/awards and recognized 155 graduating seniors at its annual Undergraduate Recognition Reception, Friday, May 12, 2017.


Classroom Performance

  • Natalie Alteri and Steven Kelly, Sally Herz Memorial Scholarship given to top students in honors general chemistry. 
  • Ryan Brunner and Dane Munson, Jane B. Spence Scholarship given to top students in honors organic chemistry.  
  • Jiaxin Duan and Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik, J. Lewis Maynard Memorial Prize in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry for outstanding scholastic achievement in advanced inorganic chemistry. 

Sophomore Awards

  • Natalie Alteri, Thomas DuBruil Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in undergraduate chemistry research. Natalie is working with Professor Erin Carlson, seeking to discover natural products from bacteria isolated from the soil.

Junior Awards

  • Eileen McIntire, M. Cannon Sneed Memorial Fund and Lloyd W. Goerke Scholarship for outstanding achievement in undergraduate chemistry research. Eileen is working with Professor Christy Haynes, conducting research on the environmental impacts of nanoparticles critical for next generation consumer products; her work demonstrates how silicon nanocrystals are an environmentally benign alternative to cadmium selenide quantum dots.
  • Annika Page, Robert C. Brasted Memorial Fellowship as well as a part-time apprenticeship in the department’s general chemistry program, given to an outstanding chemistry major interested in a chemistry teaching career. Annika is working with Professor Thomas Hoye, investigating new trapping reactions of thermally generated reactive intermediates known as benzynes and exploring their nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic properties. 
  • Zhuocheng "Edison" Yu, Lloyd W. Goerke Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement. Edison is working with Professor Wayland Noland, researching ferric sulfate-catalyzed condensation of arenes with aldehydes.  
  • Spenser Marting, Peteris Auzins Memorial Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement. Spenser is working with Professor Valerie Pierre, conducting dynthesis and evaluation of novel heteronuclear Ga/Tb and Fe/Tb probes to detect bacteria by cytomass and improve the understanding of the chemical biology of siderophore uptake by bacteria under different conditions. 

Senior Awards

David A. and Merece H. Johnson Scholarship winners are, from left, Sydney Schmidt, Kyle Johnson, Molly Anderson, Marquel Dresel, Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik, Shuhua Liu and Kaitlyn Landy.
David A. and Merece H. Johnson Scholarship winners are, from left, Sydney Schmidt, Kyle Johnson, Molly Anderson, Marquel Dresel, Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik, Shuhua Liu and Kaitlyn Landy.
  • Molly Anderson, Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik, Marquel Dresel, Kyle Johnson, Kaitlin Landy, Shuhua Liu, and Sydney Schmidt, David A. and Merece H. Johnson Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement.
    • Molly is working with Professor Natalia Tretyakova, employing mass spectrometry-based proteomics to identify protein readers of epigenetic marks in DNA.
    • Fiona is working with Professor Pierre, testing chemical probes for rapid point-of-care diagnosis of bacterial infections and developing assays using these probes with a range of pathogens. 
    • Marquel is working with Professor Pierre, designing new materials so that inorganic phosphate—common fertilizer—can be rapidly and efficiently removed and recycled from contaminated water in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers.
    • Kyle is working with Professor Haynes, understanding how the wall teichoic acid structures of Gram-positive bacteria influence how those bacteria interact with engineered nanoparticles.
    • Kaitlin is working with Professor Haynes on how polyelectrolyte-stabilized nanoparticles impact various Gram-negative bacteria and the photodegradation of quantum dot/polymer composites.
    • Shuhua is working with Professor Mark Distefano on the development of inhibitors of farnesyltransferase that selectively inhibit fungal enzymes.
    • Sydney is working with Professor Daniel Harki on the synthesis of a new class of fluorescent cytidine analogues for utilization in assays to quantify enzyme-catalyzed cytidine deamination by APOBEC3 protens.
  • Danica Maile, Wayland E. Noland Award for Academic Excellence in Chemistry for outstanding academic achievement. Danica is working with Professor Carlson on the isolation and analysis of previously unknown natural products from soil bacteria that can serve as new antibacterial agents.
  • Jiaxin Duan and Sofia Maltseva, Dr. Paul F. and Patricia Guehler Chemistry Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement.
    • Jiaxin is working with Professor Andreas Stein on the synthesis and characterization of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and infiltration of the MOFs with silica using a nanocasting process.
    • Sofia is working with Professor William Pomerantz on molecular imaging using 19F NMR with a goal to develop an imaging agent targeting tumor tissues that over-express the cancer biomarker epidermal growth factor receptor. 


  • Klarisse Andre De St Amant, Betty A. Lewis Scholarship for outstanding scholastic achievement. Klarisse is working with Professor Ilja Siepmann on molecular [Monte Carlo] simulations to find solvents with high selectivity, high capacity, and low volatility for the extraction of ethanol from fermetation broth. 
  • Jared Chycota and Nina Meltser, Hach Chemistry Teacher Scholarship given to chemistry majors who are committed to becoming chemistry teachers.
    • Jared is working with Professor Jane Wissinger on designing a novel green Suzuki C-C Bond Coupling Reaction using a Vanillin derivative for the organic chemistry laboratory.
    • Nina is working with Professor Wissinger on the investigation of catalyst efficiencies for synthesis of a renewable isosorbide (sugar) monomer as a precursor for a thermoset polymer experiment for the teaching labs.

Summer Research Fellowships

2017 Chemistry Summer Research Fellowship participants are, front row, from left, Sofia Maltseva, Devin Dykes, Rachel Staebell, Fiona Armstrong- Pavlik, Shuhua Liu, and Kaitlin Landy. Back row, from left, James Cox, Cameron Swenson, Annika Page, Ryan Bart
Chemistry Summer Research Fellowship participants are, front row, from left, Sofia Maltseva, Devin Dykes, Rachel Staebell, Fiona Armstrong- Pavlik, Shuhua Liu, and Kaitlin Landy. Back row, from left, James Cox, Cameron Swenson, Annika Page, Ryan Bartz, Sifei Fang, and Isobel Jones. Not pictured: Jarrett Mansergh, Dominic Najjar, Andrew Schmitz, and Kathleen Wang.

The Chemistry Summer Research Program encourages chemistry students to learn more about research, and to provide them with the opportunity to work in a lab under the direction of a faculty member. Funds for these fellowships are provided by the Heisig Endowment, Graham N. Gleysteen Scholarship Fund in Chemistry, the Andrews Endowment, and the Walker Endowment. This summer, the department is able to support 16 majors, including Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik, Ryan Bartz, James Cox, Devin Dykes, Sifei Fang, Isobel Jones, Kaitlin Landy, Shuhua Liu, Sofia Maltseva, Jarrett Mansergh, Dominic Najjar, Annika Page, Andrew Schmitz, Rachel Staebell, Cameron Swenson, and Kathleen Wang.

Graduating class of 2016-17

2017 group photo of the graduating undergraduates

Raha Mohamed Abda
Kelsey E. Abington
Kareem Mohamed Abou Karam
Bjorn Adelsman
Bret R. Andersen
Molly Andersen

Cody Baird
Daniel A. Balder
Jordan William Baur
Alexander Scott Benson
Brandon B. Berg
Harrison Berg
Beyan Abdelbasit Beyan
Vamsi Bhadriraju
Dana Kay Billingsley
Abraham Blumenthal
Daniel James Bolton
Ravyn Braun
Luke Breeding
Graham Robert Bringman

Annie Chen
Huijie Chen
Jared A. Chycota
Nichole Amber Clark
Joseph Carl Collins
Dalton D. Cook
Christopher Jan Czopinski

Patrick William Danker
Mackenzie Darling
Bradley Norman Derrick
Dillon Conrad Diering
Sean Loren Dietrich
Daniel Dobrow
Peter Doenges
Erik Dotzenroth
David O. Duvall

Nicholas Ehlers
Arron James Elizondo
Theodore Ernste

Bryan Flanagan
Grant C. Flick
Heather Fong
Dona Carla Benitez Forester
Emilie Jo Foster
David Fredrickson
Justin John Freund

Tuo Gao
Maria Garcia
Beau Chevalier Gilles
Aaron James Gingerich
Benjamin C. Gloege
Oliver Goldman
Francisco J. Gomez
Charles Goshey
Ibrahim Binkais Guiga

Stephanie Hart
Thomas Joseph Haversang
Qian He
Paul Lekstrom Himes
Madelynn Hintsala
Duc Trong Hoang
Christian John Hoops
Kaitlyn Hubbs
Morgan Hughes

Chang Keun Im

Riley Joseph Jandro
Yu Jin
Samantha L. Johnson

Taylor Kaiser
Eric D. Kalkman
Megan Kieffer
Jihyun Kim
Teresa Kim
Jack Kokkinen
Timothy Komala
Alexandra Kost
Brandon A. Koury
David T. Kraus
Grant Kregness

Kevin Le
Truyen Ngoc Le
Dong Sung Lee
Hyunseok Lee
Ji Eon Lee
Chase A. Lemke
Xueyao Li
Yunan Li
Zuyi Lin
Shelby A. Litchy
Victoria Longley

Patricia Alyana Maglalang
Prithviraj Mahida
Max Marchionda
Nina Meltzer
Cesar Mireles
Jonathan Lawrence Morris
Shannon Kelly Moskowitz
Thomas Francis Mundhenke

Pauline Njung Ndonyi
Lydia Nguyen
Bradley Ni

Oscar Palacios Vazquez
James Palesch
Changkon Park
Sangyong Park
Sek Yong Park
Sung Jin Park
Taeyun Park
Akshay Patil
Akshay Nandkishor Park
Eric Patterson
Daniel L. Pollmann
Leah Pope
Claire L. Porter
Zachary T. Porwoll
Karsten Mikhail Poulsen
Caitlin Puro

Paramesh Kanna Ramaraj
Brianne A. Rankin
Luke Rasmussen
Christopher Rock
John Rosenow

Charles J. Schafer
Jonathan Schultz
Bailey Sernett
Omar Shahed
Rami Shaker
Xiao Shan
Hongzhao Thao
Steven Thornburg Sherbanenko
Jeremy Sievert
Joseph Smits
Spencer J. Sterling
Megan Marie Stevens
Victoria Suding
Kindra Sullivan

Jacob John Thelen
Zachary Allen Tollefson
Paul Trisko
Samuel David Tschida

Chanratana Ung

Mai K. Vang
Logan Vaudrin
Michael Verbeke

Junping Wang
Donovan G. Weiblen
Christopher John Wentz
Mason A. Whitney
Tyler Joseph Wilson
Lee A. Wintervold

Ronal Yonggi
Sharon Yuan

Abigail Eve Zabronsky
Samantha Jo Zahratka
Jingyang Zhen