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  • Alumnus Martin Donakowski, Ph.D.

    Varied experiences sparks alumnus' interest in renewable energy

After earning his bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota and conducting undergraduate research with Professor Wayne Gladfelter, Martin Donakowski, Ph.D., has a career that spans academia, government laboratories, scientific non-profits, start-ups, and policy advocacy to being a scientist in polymer science and materials chemistry with Natick. Trained as a chemist, with specialization in electrochemistry and materials characterization, Donakowski has investigated materials for renewable energy applications for more than 10 years. He has studied systems ranging from nanocrystals, to coin cell batteries, to large-scale power generators. He has a deep understanding of the structural and physical chemistry of metal oxides and related energy storage materials. His analytical expertise toward lithium ion batteries and capacitor-like materials not only allows him to characterize and develop such materials, but to understand how and why they fail.

Donakowski earned his doctorate in chemistry from Northwestern University, and was a National Research Council post-docctoral fellow with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Before coming to Natick, he worked with SiNode Systems, He receive the Reaxys Doctorate Prize in 2013, and the Ludo Frevel Scholarship. You can read more about Donakowski and his research work by going to