We have four videos about different aspects of the Department of Chemistry posted on our YouTube channel (with close captioning available).

Department of Chemistry—Solving Society's Most Important Problems

Innovative research in the University of Minnesota Department of Chemistry is aimed at solving some of society's most important problems related to new energy sources, improving human health, and addressing environmental problems. Collaborating with researchers at the University and throughout the world, chemistry faculty and students are making a difference by creating knowledge at the forefront of science.

Chemists work on energy and environmental issues

Key research in the University of Minnesota's Department of Chemistry focuses on issues that affect the environment. Researchers are working on the creation of new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly batteries, figuring out the impact nanoparticles have on the environment, and capturing excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

UMN Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Video

Our outstanding faculty and their mentorship, multi-disciplinary and collaborative research opportunities, and teaching are important reasons why graduate students come to the Department of Chemistry.

UMN Chemistry Community

Our students and post-doctorate researchers are encouraged and empowered to become involved in outreach, safety, teaching and other organizations for students. They create, organize, and lead many key groups in our community.


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