• Graduate student Noelle Olson working in Professor Pomerantz' lab. Credit: Chris Cooper

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    November 30, 2018

2018 ChemNews PDF available for downloading

Figure-making how-to seminar

POLY PMSE is hosting a figure-making how-to seminar, Figure Making and Design, at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5, 402 Walter Library. The seminar will be presented by Lisa Zeeb, scientific graphic and web designer. During this interactive seminar, Lisa will talk about image formatting, figure-making in PowerPoint, 3D images and Blender. 

Graphic for Illusion Theater
Strengthening Climate: Bystander Intervention

Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 13
100 Smith Hall

The topic will be bystander intervention, and the presentation will include integrated scenes performed by Illusion Theater. Illusion Theater's mission is to generate theater that illuminates the illusions, myths, and realities of our times and to catalyze personal and social change. Bring your lunch, if desired.

Rebeca Rodriguez brings passion and commitment to research, outreach, and advocacy

Rebeca Rodriguez web photo
Rebeca Rodriguez

There are myriad lenses and perspectives that Rebeca “Becky” Rodriguez brings to being an outstanding graduate student, researcher, outreach volunteer, and advocate. Forging her commitment to science and making a difference in all that she does, are Becky’s experiences as a first-generation college student, female scientist, daughter of immigrants, person of color, social justice advocate, and so much more.  

Research opportunities create windows for learning and excelling

2018 Goldwater Scholar James Cox
James Cox

James Cox enjoys chemistry, and his natural instincts, curiosity, hard work, and dedication are a perfect combination to spiral him into an outstanding scholar, researcher, and student. James is a senior, award-winning chemistry major, conducting research with Professor Joseph Topczewski in the Department of Chemistry. He is a University honors student, received the Department of Chemistry’s 2018 Robert C. Brasted Memorial Fellowship, and was named 2018 Goldwater Scholar. James kick-started his undergraduate research by joining Professor Topczewski’s lab. 

Chemistry majors participate in real-world research experiences as Amgen Scholars

Four Department of Chemistry undergraduate majors—Medinat Akindele, James Cox, Annika Page, and Levi Palmer—were Amgen Scholars in the summer of 2018. The Amgen Scholars program allows undergraduates to participate in cutting-edge research opportunities at world-class institutions. (See story on James Cox).

Professor Joseph Topczewski
Professor Topczewski receives journal award and research grant

Professor Joseph Topczewski will be named a 2019 Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee, honored for his work on allylic azides. He has also received a one-year grant to continue a collaborative research initiative, "Attaining Selectivity for the Inhibition of Bromodomains," with Professor William Pomerantz.

Joint Safety Note: Stockroom safety resources

The chemistry stockroom has many chemical safety resources. Free safety resources include bottles for hazardous waste, hazardous waste labels, hazard class labels designed by the Joint Safety Team. Also available are secondary containment trays, flip-top waste funnels and personal protective equipment. The department has also provided totes for hazardous waste and transport carts. Contact the department's safety committee if there is a safety resource that you feel is missing.


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