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    September 21, 2018

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Welcome Event

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 26
Kate & Michael Bárány Conference Room
(117/119 Smith Hall) 
Stop in for just a few minutes or stay for the full time!

All undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral associates, faculty members, and staff members are invited to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee's Welcome Event. Stop in and learn about the work of our committee. Share your thoughts and ideas about what is working well or what is not! 

Department of Chemistry Seminars

Name Where From Time/Date/Place Title/Abstract

Special seminar Professor Wei Xiong

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego 4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, 331 Smith Hall

Ultrafast Nonlinear IR Spectroscopy for Exotic Molecular Materials

Bryce L. Crawford Memorial Lecture Professor Dongping Zhong

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Ohio State University 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 25, 331 Smith Hall

Dynamics and Mechanisms of UV-Preventing Biological Photomachines

MilliporeSigma Seminar Professor John S. Blanchard Department of Biochemistry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine 9:45 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 27, 331 Smith Hall

Probing Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance: Failing to Achieve Irrelevance

Student Seminar Series Matthew S. Sigman Department of Chemistry, University of Utah 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28, 331 Smith Hall

Developing modern physical organic analysis tools for synthesis, catalysis, and energy

Professor Truhlar receives 2019 ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry

Professor Donald Truhlar
Regents Professor Donald Truhlar

Regents Professor Donald Truhlar has received the 2019 American Chemical Society Award in Theoretical Chemistry. He is being honored for his creative contributions to theoretical chemistry, and developing new density functionals for practical calculations of thermochemistry, thermochemical kinetics, and noncovalent interactions. He will receive the award at the April 2019 ACS National Meeting in Orlando. Professor Truhlar is the first person to win all three ACS awards in this area. He is a prior recipient of the ACS Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research and the ACS Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry.

Professor Gagliardi elected Member of Academia Europaea

Professor Laura Gagliardi has been elected a Member of Academia Europaea. Academia Europaea members are scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning, education, and research. Founded in 1988, it has about 3,800 members who include leading experts from the physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, the letters and humanities, social and cognitive sciences, economics, and the law.

Harrison Frisk appointed to Presidential Search Advisory Committee

Harrison Frisk, a fifth-year doctorate candidate studying chemical physics in the Department of Chemistry, has been appointed to the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC). The PSAC is charged with recommending three to four unranked lead candidates for president of the University of Minnesota.

Safety Note

Register by Oct. 1 for Safety, Environmental, and Sustainability Conference

Our general wellness, including sleep, stress, health conditions, and other factors, can directly impact our safety. A 2013 study found that workers with sleep problems had a 1.62 times higher risk of being injured, while 13 percent of work injuries could be attributed to sleep problems. Also, stress can lead to dangerous distractions from complex tasks.

Please join us in discussing these important topics at the second annual Safety, Environmental, and Sustainability Conference (SESCON), held on October 9, McNamara Alumni Center. Free for all UMN students, the theme this year focuses on topics such as stress reduction, mental health, and work-life balance. Keynote speaker Andy Core will talk about thriving under pressure and stress, how to hit more of your personal goals, and how to re-energize your life.

Sessions include:

  • Life Balance & Redefining Humanly Possible - Andy Core discusses how to improve work-life balance, productivity, and ability to stay motivated in turbulent times.
  • Mindfulness for Self-Care - learn and practice mindful awareness principles that help to focus attention and align intention, attitude, and action.
  • You Can’t Pour Out of An Empty Cup - find ways to revive yourself in and out of the office, manage a busy routine, and find intentional purpose to feel better physically and mentally
  • Stand or Die? Office Changes Leading to Sit-Stand Ergonomics - learn the principles of ergonomics to help you survive in the modern work environment.

Information on all the sessions can be found on the SESCON website. Lunch will be provided as well as a free 30-minute class on yoga you can do during your work day. Registration is required, but is free for all UMN students/staff/faculty. Register online by October 1.

Employment/Research Opportunities

  • Ohio University: tenure-track assistant or associate professor in analytical chemistry. Review of applications begins, Monday, Oct. 15.
  • Iowa State University: assistant professor in organic or analytical chemistry. Applications must be received by Wednesday, Oct. 10.
  • University of Chicago: assistant, associate, or full professor in the Institute for Molecular Engineering. Review of application begins, Monday, Oct. 15.
  • Stanford University: tenure-track assistant professor in chemistry. Review of applications begins, Wednesday, Oct. 10.
  • Matrix Industries: senior thermoelectric engineer. No deadline information provided.
  • Sandia National Laboratory: two post-doctorate openings in gas-phase chemistry. No deadline information provided.

Information about these and other employment/research opportunities is available in the white jobs book located in 139 Smith Hall.