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Showing that anyone can do chemistry

Ken Leopold and student

What is Chemists in the Classroom?

Our free Chemists in the Classroom program shows that chemistry is fun, and includes messages that anyone can do chemistry and that there are numerous career opportunities in chemistry-related fields. We do chemistry demonstrations and discuss chemistry careers in local K-12 schools and at community venues. Demonstrations include a number of interesting experiments that illustrate important chemistry principles, and some of the experiments are hands-on. Our discussions and information materials are specifically geared to the age and grade level of the participants. We also provide materials and advice to teachers.

What do I need to know?

There is no cost for the program. No special facilities are required. We provide all supplies. Our standard program consists of a one-hour presentation followed by a question-and-answer period; however, timing can be adjusted.iming can be adjusted.

We strive to visit about 50 schools a year, but out program is dependent on volunteers and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

What information do you need from me?

  • your name
  • name of the organization or school that you represent
  • full address where the program will be taking place
  • how long you would like the presentation to last
  • audience demographics—number of people, ages, science knowledge background
  • contact information—phone number and email address


    • Chemists in the Classroom
    • 217 Smith Hall
    • Professor Ken Leopold, Program Director
    • kleopold@umn.edu
    • (612) 625-6072