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    Committees List

Committee Name

Committee members (chair listed first)

Administrative Advisory

David Blank (Head), Christy Haynes (Associate Head), Lee Penn (Director of Undergraduate Studies, DUGS), Philippe Buhlmann (Director of Graduate Studies, DGS), Chuck Tomlinson (Director of Operations) 

Awards & Publicity

Marc Hillmyer, Thomas Hoye, Tanya Becker 

Alumni Relations

Wayland Noland, George Barany, Kathy Peters-Martell, David Blank

Community Events

Chuck Tomlinson, Tanya Becker, Diana Mayweather, Courtney Elwell (WISE)

Departmental Seminars

Joe Topczewski, Mark Distefano, James Johns, Larry Que, Eileen Harvala, Susan Wrayge


Erin Carlson (Chair), Phil Buhlmann (DGS), Edgar Arriaga (faculty), Angela Perkins (faculty), Miriam Krause (staff), Jennifer Henderson (staff), Megan Fieser (post-doctoral research associate), Yuanxian Wang (graduate student), Christine Hitomi (undergraduate student) 

Dow-LeClaire Instrument Facility

Erin Carlson (MS), Christopher Douglas (NMR), Connie Lu (X-ray), Joseph Dalluge, Letitia Yao, Victor Young 

Faculty Lunch Meetings Steven Kass
Faculty Search Aaron Massari, Erin Carlson, Thomas Hoye, Steven Kass, Valerie Pierre
Graduate Curriculum

Philippe Buhlmann (DGS), Edgar Arriaga, Thomas Hoye, Aaron Massari, Lee Penn, Lawrence Que 

Graduate Program

Chemistry: Philippe Buhlmann (DGS), Erin Carlson, Laura Gagliardi, Renee Frontiera, Ian Tonks, Stephanie Stathopolous

Chemical Physics: Aaron Massari (DGS), Stephanie Stathopoulos 

Graduate Student Research Symposium

Jason Goodpaster, Mollie Dunlap, Eileen Harvala, James Johns, Eric Schulz

Industrial Relations

David Blank, Mollie Dunlap, Kathy Peters-Martell 

Lando/NSF Undergraduate Summer Program 

Steven Kass, Joseph Topczewski 

Library Wayland Noland
Machine Shop (Physics) Aaron Massari (chemistry representative)

Renee Frontiera: Christy Haynes, Theresa Reineke
Jason Goodpaster: Aaron Massari, Donald Truhlar
James Johns: Andreas Stein, Timothy Lodge
Will Pomerantz: Mark Distefano, Christy Haynes
Ian Tonks: Christopher Cramer, Marc Hillmyer
Joe Topczewski: Marc Hillmyer, Steven Kass
Angela Perkins: Jane Wissinger
Kyle Bantz: Michelle Driessen

New Graduate Student Faculty Review Joseph Topczewski
Newsletters Eileen Harvala, David Blank
Outreach Kenneth Leopold (Chemists in the Classroom), Aaron Massari (Energy & U), Letitia Yao (Cool Chemistry)
Planning, Staffing & Resources

Michael Bowser, Connie Lu (sabbatical), Mark Distefano


Anna Sitek, Diana Mayweather, Andreas Stein, Ian Tonks, Chuck Tomlinson 


Michael Bowser, Lee Penn, Andreas Stein 

Temporary Lecturer Search

Christy Haynes (Associate Head), Lee Penn (DUGS), Michelle Driessen, Jane Wissinger 

Tenure Review

Timothy Lodge (Chair, 2017-18 AY), Mark Distefano, Ken Leopold, Jiali Gao, Wayne Gladfelter (sabbatical)

Undergraduate Curriculum

Lee Penn (DUGS), Michelle Driessen, Chris Douglas, Doreen Leopold, Will Pomerantz

Undergraduate Advisers

Lee Penn (DUGS), Chris Douglas (sabbatical), James Johns, Jason Goodpaster, Doreen Leopold, Stephanie Stathopoulos


Aaron Massari, Eileen Harvala, Dan MacEwan, Eric Schulz