Call 911 for all emergencies (police, fire, ambulance, chemical).

For a chemical release of any size, it is always acceptable to call 911.

For a chemical spill that requires a prompt response, but it not an emergency, you can also call 911 and request a "Consult with DEHS staff on call." 

If you call an emergency number, notify the front office as soon as possible, 612-624-6000.

Emergency Numbers Phone
Fire Department 911
Police Department 911
Ambulance 911
Chemical spills (emergency) 911
Chemical spills (for prompt response, but no emergency ask to consult with DEHS staff on call) 911
Department of Environmental Health & Safety: Consult with DEHS staff on call 612-626-6002
Facilities management 612-624-2900
University Emergency Management 612-625-8047
Poison Treatment 1-800-222-1222
Sexual Violence Program (Aurora Center crisis line) 612-626-9111
Suicide Prevention 612-347-2222