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  • Rick Wagner

    Professor & Endowed Chair (Department of Medicinal Chemistry)

    • Chemical Biology, Drug Design and Delivery
    • B.S. University of North Carolina, 1981
    • Ph.D. Duke University, 1987
    • Post Doctorate National Institutes of Health Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, 1987-1991
    Office: 2-220 Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building, 2231 6th St SE

Principal Research Interests

In general the use of anticancer drugs is associated with a variety of toxic side-effects. To tackle this important problem, our laboratory is devoted to the development of approaches that will deliver anticancers drug, proteins and nucleic acids to cancer tissues and not normal tissues. This challenge is being met by exploiting discoveries from our laboratory in prodrug design and nanobiotechnology. The experimental approach taken by our laboratory is highly multidisciplinary, relying on the tools of synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, biochemical pharmacology, X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling and spectroscopy to address our goal.

Mailing Address

  • Carston R. Wagner, University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry
  • CCRB (delivery code 2812), 139 Smith Hall, 207 Pleasant St SE
  • Minneapolis, MN 55455-0431