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  • Courtney C. Roberts

    Assistant Professor

    • Inorganic & Organometallic Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • B.S. Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, 2011
    • Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016
    • Post Doctorate University of Michigan (Professor Melanie Sanford), 2016-2019
    Office: 468C Kolthoff Hall

Principal Research Interests

Research in my group will focus on using readily-available starting materials and designing new catalytic cycles in order to utilize them to generate more complex products. In order to do this, we will utilize fundamental organometallic and inorganic chemistry to develop new organic reactions.

Project 1: C–C Coupling with Early Transition Metals - Early transition metals have long been known to perform facile C–H activation but these C–H activated intermediates are often underutilized. Work in my group will be on the development of new C–C coupling reactions utilizing these intermediates.

Project 2: Radical Cross Electrophile Coupling - The group will be working on new methods for cross electrophile coupling to stereoselectively generate alkyl-alkyl bonds. We will develop exciting new catalytic cycles for this transformation through understanding the relationship between fundamental organometallic chemistry to organic synthesis.

Project 3: Aryne Difunctionalization Catalysis - Arynes are potent electrophiles that are widely used in the synthesis of biologically active molecules. Reactions involving these intermediates are often plagued with poor selectivity. We will use transition metal catalysis to control selectivity and expand the scope of possible difunctionalization reactions with arynes.

Additional information about Courtney Roberts

Honors and Awards

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013-2016
  • Natural Sciences Division Outstanding Research Student – Pepperdine University, 2011

Mailing Address

  • Courtney C. Roberts, University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry
  • B-3, 139 Smith Hall, 207 Pleasant St SE
  • Minneapolis, MN 55455-0431