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  • Ian Tonks

    Assistant Professor

    • Inorganic & Organometallic Chemistry, Organometallic Synthesis and Catalysis
    • Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Synthesis and Catalysis
    • Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis
    • Environmental & Green Chemistry, CO2 Conversion
    • Energy & Catalysis
    • B.S. Columbia University, 2006 (Ged Parkin )
    • Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, 2011 (John Bercaw)
    • Post Doctorate University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012 (Clark Landis)
    Office: 568A Kolthoff Hall

Principal Research Interests

Research in the Tonks Group is primarily focused on developing practical catalysts for sustainable materials, atom-economic processes, and chemical fuels. Using insights from fundamental studies into the mechanism and reactivity of industrial and biological catalytic processes, we synthesize inorganic and organometallic molecular catalysts to achieve novel transformations. Our current research interests are in utilizing cooperative cataylsis to copolymerize CO2 and ethylene; developing redox- and/or hapto-noninnocent ligands in the synthesis of pyrroles and diamines; and exploring the effects of heterobimetallics on multielectron small molecule redox processes.

Honors and Awards

  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship in Chemistry, 2017
  • American Chemical Society new investigator program grant, 2014

Mailing Address

  • Ian Tonks, University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry
  • B-17, 139 Smith Hall, 207 Pleasant St SE
  • Minneapolis, MN 55455-0431